Do I have lupus?

Hi all,

I thought I would introduce myself. I have been chronically ill for the past 5 months, and after nothing coming back conclusively from bloods ( under active thyriod ruled out even though my score was one from being low range), I went into the drs and asked to be investigated for lupus.

I have the classic butterfly rash, rAshes that pop up everywhere, hair falling out, very very fatigued and aching joints. I also have had a cronic cough which it now seems may have been linked.

what should my results show for me to have lupus?

Thanks! Xx

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Hi Rugbykirsty

Judging by your symptoms I think you need to see a Rheumatologist who will take a history and do blood tests. Take a photo of any rashes to show them.

If you test positive for ANA or anti- nuclear antibody whilst it's not specific for Lupus , it means there is something going on with your immune system , further more specific antibody bloods can be done and according to results a diagnosis/ treatment could be started for you. It can take years for some like me to get the right help but you have to keep fighting!Hope I've helped and Good LuckX


Many thanks. I've Already had my bloods taken, just waiting for the results now. I'm hoping that if it shows up something I'll be given treatment so I can start to feel better. I've taken pictures of all the rashes and showed them to my GP x


Hi Rugbykirsty

Good luck for your blood results. If there are any changes ask your GP for a Rheumatology referral. Let us know how you get on.X


Thank you. If there are any changes can the dr give me somthing to help ease the symptoms until I see a Rheumatologist? Just so I can start to feel normal again and not so Ill xx


Hi Rugbykirsty

It's horrible feeling so ill waiting for blood results!. How much your GP could help is dependent on what shows up , what he's tested for. If you were anaemic as an example he could treat that easily. It also depends if he knows about these connective tissue diseases , he might feel confident about treating you!. If not you might want to think about seeing a Rheumatologist privately or ask your GP if he can make it an urgent referral as your very ill.

Best of luckX


Thankyou. I've got a list of what I've been tested for.

Bone profile





RA latex/ rheumatoid

Renal Function





On the notes bit it says joint aches 2/12

Facial Rash



Hi Rugbykirsty

Your bloods are a good look at everything. Your GP must know about these connective tissue diseases which is a great help for you. Good luck for the resultsX


Hi Rugbykirsty87,

Would you like me to send you one of our free information packs which has a lot of detail about how lupus is diagnosed? If you would, please send me a private message or email with your name and address.


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