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Giving up work or reducing hours

Hi there Ive sle and work as a customer service team leader. My job involves long periods on the phones, and long hours sitting at my desk on the pc. I suffer a lot with my neck shoulders and arm especially. But this is not jus specific to just my neck etc. I do try to get up and stretch as often as I can but still end up in pain by the time I leave work. I've been getting really bad flare ups recently even though I thought I was doing well they are now happening more often which leads to long periods off work as in so much pain, short if breath, unable to sleep which is the norm for me since I've been diagnosed. My resume has now changed my meds to azathioprine. I am currently signed off by the docs again and was off for almost a month in August. My employers are really good and occupational health are also involved as they got me a special chair 2 years ago for my neck and shoulder pains before I was officially diagnosed. Does anyone know what I need to do to be assessed for PIP so I can reduce my hours as this hass been rn recommended by my employers? Also I do have critical illness insurance cover but I took out my policy before they added lupus to the list of illnesses they cover. Which I challenged them about, however they say I'm covered for any disability that prevents me from working. Im fortunate that I've never really had to claim for anything thankfully but I really don't know where to start or how to go about it. I'm looking for help please. Should I speak to my doc or CAB or my insurance,? I'm really lost but I really can't carry on like this as lupus really is affecting my ability to work, concentrate etc. Sorry this is so long winded. Help anyone...

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You can claim pip and still work, reports from any medical professional would help immensely, OT, physio, consultant, gp etc. Have you a local DIAL office, ? they can give you good advice and help with forms. Good luck with your application

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Thank you Jayfer I do want to continue working but with reduced hours I will definitely be looking into this. I need to find out what a Dial office is now! Cheers


Sorry, Disability Information Advice Line, look in local pages of phone book. Citizens Advice bureau may help too. There are also help guides online to fill forms in alone. DIAL in my area are very good but extremely busy .


Thank you so much for your help ☺


Your local council social security dept may have a welfare rights officer who can advise and help with any claim .. I found them more use than CAB , had to be refered to them via my GP

PIP can be claimed regardless or income and wether you work or not. It Is not easy to get ... based on a points system based on what you can and can't do/ what you need help with for wether you are entitled or not. Here is a link to the points system

If you can't work at all you may be entitled to ESA. Money you get is dependent on other income, savings, pensions, insurance pay outs, any partners income etc

Also if you are in a pension scheme you may be entitled to Ill-health retirement

If you are a member of Lupus UK you can acess free guides to PIP, ESA and how to claim

Speak to your GP and honestly assess waht kind of work you are/ are not capable of. I was forced to give up work ... got ill-health retirement in the end. For me not working at all has been one of the best things for my health. I have had to accept less finances and giving up a career I loved but my health is so much better as I can now pace myself and sleep as needed and I get less flare ups. In case it's any use here's some info I wrote a while back about my experince of ill-health retirement .. some of the links may be of use ...


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