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The lack of understanding of work colleagues

I was asked this morning by my direct line manager what I was going to the hospital for, i started woth the line you really dont listen to me do you? His response was it's been a while and I've forgotten. I explained exactly what happens on my check up appointment and told him to remember I'm overdue another kidney biopsy (should've had it in December) and I've been told I'll get it this month. I said also you better hope I don't get it this month as we're very busy and they'd be in the proverbial without me, his response was well if they offer you it on a Tuesday can you put it off for a bit when it's more convenient as he apparently knows how hospitals work and they can do this. My next part is untypable as it wasn't pleasing what I told him. Yeh, sure the hospital will postpone a biopsy to check my kidney function and to see if there's any improvement just so my boss doesn't have to get off his lazy backside. Still raging now and that happened hours ago.

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What a bloody arse!!! And that's the polite version

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Could think of several other words too

That is not acceptable! I really hope you don't put it off, they are very important tests and they wouldn't be doing them if you didn't need them. I'm sure he will be able to cope and they will see how important you are to the company. 😊

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Luckily for me I've just been informed I don't need one just now as things are all going in the right direction, slowly but getting there. Will need one but not quite yet

Wow that really stinks.... what a selfish, unhelpful, stressful & unprofessional statement to make to you ( & probably illegal).... those are the printable words I can use.... Hug to you for your next

Lupus UK do a very informative booklet for employers & I would normally recommend that to you , but by the sound of it the moron you work for wouldn't be able to read it !! Keep standing up to him !!

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Hi Hidden,

As HazelW has very kindly suggested, we do have a couple of employment booklets, including one aimed at employers. You can take a look/download them on our website at If you think it might be helpful to give one to your manager then I'd be happy to post a copy to you. Just send me a private message or email me at with your name and address.

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Thanks Paul, I've already got them all that I downloaded. Thanks anyways.

Show him that amazing poster we had a way back where the zip goes across the face to show the cracks underneath. Keep it on the wall near you at work !

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I might look for it on Twitter and send it to him directly

I used to get all this and more! Talk to your occupational Health team, mine were brilliant. Hope this helps x

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