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Stress is our worst enemy!


So a stressful situation had arisen at work, I won’t bore you with the details but I was finding it hard to deal with.

I’ve been finding work quite hard and felt I was doing too many hours but couldn’t approach my boss in fear of upsetting the Apple cart as I do so much for her and not being big headed but without me she’d be in a pickle.

Then my other half job the job offer of a life time this week and as of the 1st July he will be working different hours, which will affect my job massively cause I will be needed at home more to look after our daughter (school runs etc)

So now I had to tell my boss but the stress of picking up the courage to do so has kept me awake for 3 nights on the trot!! I haven’t felt this stressed in ages.

Whilst may I add normally I do between 16-25 hours a week but for the last 5 weeks I’ve done an average of 35/45 hours a week!!

Cause I’m too nice and can’t say no.

So as you can imagine the inevitable has happened. Full on flare 😭😭😭

I’ve just got home from work and I’m on a split shift today, so I’m cooking at work tonight.

It’s a busy full house cause the Royal Cornwall Show has started and most of the guests are here for that.

I’m filled with dread for tonight 😞

I can barely lift my arms to write this!!

Sorry for the rant guys but the moral of this story is don’t do what I’ve done and left the stress get to you. It’s not good for your health.

I hope your all as well as can be xx

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Good luck! And please do take your own advice; children apart, perhaps, nothing you might be doing is so important that you should be jeopardising your health for it. Knock off early, call in some favours to take some of the load, don't punish yourself for being ill. Hope things get better soon x

Come on Lisa - she will not let you go. If she gives you a hard time, well are making yourself ill for nothing. In the long term this change is better for YOU your child and supporting your husband. Things get out of proportion and this is not a problem unless you make it one. TELL HER and don’t apologise - please let us know how it goes. X

lisa___s in reply to Cas70

Thanks for the advice, I did speak to my boss. She took it better than I expected, I got the silent treatment for a few days but then she seemed a bit better with me.

I told her I’m gradually going to reduce my hours over the next few weeks until the end of the month and then when my partner starts his new job on the 2nd July I will reduce right down to a couple of shifts a week.

I’m glad I finally got the courage and did it, even if I means suffering a frosty atmosphere.

Already I’m noticing how much more time I’ve got to rest, sort my house out which has housework wise been abandoned for a while now.

I’ve written a list of everything that needs sorting around the house and I’m going to slowly tick it all off over time.

Cause most importantly I’m spending precious time with my family.

A weight has been lifted ☺️

Oh I am so pleased for you - you can begin to enjoy the changes. I do the list thing too. I am happy if I do one thing more than the usual cooking, cleaning and shopping! I have learnt to take a break the minute I get tired. 15 minutes with a cuppa works. We have to take care of ourselves. Much happiness to you

lisa___s in reply to Cas70

That’s exactly what I’ve done today, had 15min sit downs every time I felt tired.

I’ve really took on board all the lovely advice I’ve received on here over the months.Resting when I need to and moderation are the biggest things I’ve learnt.

Sending energy and happy vibes to you too 🙂

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