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I Have Pain on right side on top of breast that radiates to armpit. Does anyone else ever have this?


This started last night. When I woke up this morning It was still there. It is like an ache that comes on every 3-4 minutes and is bad. It will go into my armpit on the right side as well. I read that people have tried stretching there arm above there head and that has helped a bit. I will get some relief but then it comes back again. Is it something I should worry about or is there something I can do on my own to rid this for good?

Please comment on your ideas on what I should do and what you have done if you had this?

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I have this every time I have a flare. It gets really bad. Unfortunately no one has been able to tell.me what it is.

Hi chrissy it's called Costochondritis. It's a flare up of the rib tissue. I had same pain few months back had xray and it showed up, though the only thing I was offered were antibiotics and pain killers. I only took pain killers eventually it went away took a good few weeks. At the time I was using my cross trainer when I stopped using it the pain went away. The doc said it could be cause of flu etc I hadn't had flu 😁. It's best to get it checked out by gp. Hope it gets better soon.

Chrissy1968 in reply to 12derby

Thanks for replying to me. Means a lot. Yea I still have the pain. Its Day 3. It seems a little lighter; the pain. Maybe its possible going away? IDK.. But, in regards to pain meds, I cannot take them. I am on a med that has an opiate blocker in it called; Naloxone. Yea i take Suboxone, Im not a heroin addict or anything. I take it as when I was 18 I had my first Lapprotomy as I have Endometreosis. I had 11 Laps and another 3 yrs ago which makes 12, total. I had been on and off Opiate Pain Killers all those years and when I was not on need of them and off totally I was NOT feeling myself and my primary doctor suggested I go on Suboxone as something in my brain which makes Dopamine levels stay normal, that this would do the trick and I would feel myself again, So I went to another doctor who perscribes it and I started it 3 yrs ago and I feel myself again and "normal" whatever normal is? LOL But yes, IDK if there are pain meds out there that people can take while being on this medication, I heard there is from someone else who was on Suboxone and hurt her shoulder and was in need of pain relief. So IDK how true that is but I am hoping as if something ever happened to me real bad that I need pain relief on the spot that there is something out there in the medical world that will help!

Thanks again for your response and sorry about the Novel!

It does sound like Costochondritis. My rheumy gives me a prescription drug called Colchicine 0.6mg 2x a day it is a gout medication but this med. I get tremendous relief from my chest pain. Always talk to your doctor first, and ask them about this med. maybe it would be a good fit for you..... Gentle hugs and good luck.

I get costochondritis whenever I have a flare. It starts with a central chest pain where my ribs join at the top then gradually I feel like I'm wearing someone else's rib cage! It gets so tight and swollen that it hurts to breathe. I also get the breast pain. I don't know how old you are but it could be related to the menopause or just mastitis, if you get it separately from a flare up. As long as there are no lumps associated with it, I'm afraid it's just another of those gifts from your AID. Ah lupus, the gift that keeps on giving and giving,.....

Hope you all better soon. x

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