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I'm not sure what's wrong with me today. firstly I had a shower and didn't need a nap afterwards. I have been shopping all over town and been for a walk this evening. no naps all day, don't even feel tired, no aches or pains anywhere. I just don't understand it. must be something serious. i'm sure I will be back to normal tomorrow everything will ache and I will sleep all day. :)

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I love those days, wish I knew what the magic formula is that makes them happen! I just take full advantage, as there's bound to be a really rubbish hit by a freight train day that turns up that I can't find a reason for either. Here's hoping tomorrow isn't back to normal.

Just enjoy the day - I do. Anxiety and depression are exhausting - part of our illness so try to shed or diminish the worrying. Easy to say I know but it does help - good luck and I hope you have many more better days

That’s great to hear! 🙂 x

Enjoy the good days when they come , make the most of it and give yourself a treat 😀

Yeah for good days! I had about 3 of them and then this morning Bang! It's over. LOL! Enjoy🌻

suzannah16 in reply to ChantelF

ohoh, you're right just 3 days. I started dropping things again yesterday that means my hands are going to be sore today. I just can't grip anything. oh well 3 days was good while it lasted :)

I love days like this ❤️️ #staywell

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