Anyone feel worse after eating high sugar foods?

Hi All,

Unfortunately (but I'm sure in not unique!), I sometimes succumb to my sugar addiction and have a major "pig out" on chocolate or something similar. Whilst initially I love it, I find that very quickly, I start to feel bloated and lethargic and the following day, often have increased muscle and joint pain. Anyone experienced anything similar? Yes, I know the answer...don't "pig out"!

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  • Yep. Absolutely. Perfect description. I have been trying to break the habit of eating sweets when I am fatigued to 'perk me up' as they do lift me for a while but then next day feel truly terrible. I am at my lupie best on very low sugar diet. Just need to control my Haribo mix addiction. Xx

  • This made me laugh "Haribo Addiction". I too have cut out on sweets and chocolate after I read a bit in the paper that Haribo - my all time fav sweets - contain something like 49 teaspoons of sugar in a bag. the past month I have felt amazing, joint pain not as bad, able to stay up in the evening longer, there must be something right in what we are doing :)

  • Oh no .... not that many teaspoons. Oh dear. Dear. Dear. The first time I cut out sugar (along with gluten, fried food etc) I went from almost bedridden to up and about in three weeks. I will be strong! Xxx

  • Hi Rockhopper,

    It's not until I have read this that I might be able to see the connection too, I cut out sweets and sugar about 6 or 7 weeks ago after reading in the paper how much sugar was in Haribo (about 49 teaspoons per bag!!!!) and for the first time in years I have gone a whole month where I feel nearly human. Still have morning fatigue, but once I get past that, I have more energy and enthusiasm, my joint and muscle pain isn't as bad and I am managing to stay up a bit later too.

    I have been sorely tempted to sneak a sweet or two, but have tried eating grapes or a banana instead, so far so good and this certainly gives me the strength to persevere.

  • Thanks for your replies...looks like I need to find some inner strength to enable me to resist chocolate! I've already banned it from the house so hopefully can keep it up. Thanks for your contributions. Xxx

  • I cut out as much sugar as possible a few years back; and it helped alot. Tough though; have to avoid any sight of things I would love to eat! And if anyone buys me stuff, I'm a goner. Green and Black's 85% - just wolf the whole lot in one go and next day reap the consequences. And as for gifted bags of marshmallows.... (I always bitterly regret it afterwards but that doesn't seem to stop me!)

  • You could have 95% one? 85% isn't too bad to be honest..we all need some treat every now and again..that's entirely normal.. mashmallows may not have much nutritional content.. but again, you are not eating that every day. I agree though. Sugar does affect us more, I guess x

  • Hi rockhopper,

    The reason why us lupies feel worse after sugar is because sugar causes inflammation which we always struggle with. Maybe you should try to find an alternative to haribos, although good luck with that as I love them myself and my 9yr old always had a bag floating around :(

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