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Does this sound like lupus?

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I've had these symptoms for years now My symptoms aren't all there at the same time, they fluctuate.

My symptom list is as follows:

stingy eyes

puffy eyes

dark circles under eyes


heart palpitations


belly fat (slight) (i'm skinny for my height but i have excess fat in certain places)

breast fat (slight)

Sometimes when my health gets really bad my face starts getting rosacea-like symptoms

puffy face

sinus issues

brain fog

bad short term memory

paleness (especially in hands)

cold hands and feet

loss of collagen in skin

oily skin/hair

bloodshot eyes

flaky skin between eyebrows



lack of sex drive


i think my vision is worse when my health is down too, i have bad eyesight anyways so it's hard to tell


blackheads/whiteheads on nose

stiff joints

im 21 now and when i was a teenager my symptoms were actually worse due to a really poor diet and lifestyle and back then my feet would swell and go purple. I also get muscle twitches sometimes too and like every few months i get this really bad chest pain thats almost debilitating but it feels more like a pulled muscle so i don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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Sounds as if you may have MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease) which encompasses many other problems ie: raynauds, RA, lupus, polyneuralgia and a host of other ‘nice’ problems. See a rheumatologist and get some answers. It’s a fascinating disease, one surprise after another 😳😣 DONT give up!

Hello healthiskey,

It's impossible to tell. Take a look at the LupusUK leaflet on symptoms and diagnosis, and if you think it fits for you, discuss it with your GP, asking for some of the diagnostic tests if necessary. Good luck.

I'll talk to my gp tomorrow since it's closed today. I seem to have most of the symptoms... even the mouth ulcers. Well i get tongue ulcers sometimes but i never really paid any attention to it. I get the red rash on my face that looks like rosacea but it doesn't have the "butterfly shape" and i get the nose sores. Mine usually looks like this

Hello healthiskey, I hope you get some help soon. You must be feeling horrible at the minute.

I also get mouth and nose ulcers. I get a red rash across my cheeks, but not over my nose. Originally my GPs thought I had RA or lupus. My rheumatologist is thinking mixed connective tissue disease- however she isn't sure yet. Hopefully time will tell. So i would reccomend that you try to see your GP as it can take a long time to see a Rheumatologist. I have had a 5 month wait for 1st appointment.

Here is a link to my 1st post which shows some of my symptoms- I think some of them are similar to yours.

Best wishes,


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healthiskey in reply to BlackNov

I hope you can feel better soon! I got results from a digestive/candida test i took and my results showed very low levels of slgA (gut immunity) and a yeast colonization in my mouth which is very high. I hope thats all that i have because that would be a lot easier to treat then lupus. I think i'm iron deficient too as my nutritonist recommended me to take iron supplements.

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