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Arthritis of the hands

Afternoon all

I have SLE & most of the issues which come with it including kidney failure, dialysis & a transplant.

I started a nail course in January which includes Manicures & Pedicures.

One day in class we were practicing our manicure techniques on each other & the manicure treatment chosen for me was a hot paraffin wax. Now, let me tell you all, that my hands & wrist have never felt so light, soft & stress free from the discomfort of my arthritis & fistula! My fistula arm often seizes & spasms on me & since using hot paraffin wax I honestly say these issues have reduced a considerable amount!

I honestly did not know before the benefits of having a manicure with hot paraffin wax & hand massage! Doing this course has been so rewarding, and I’ve even started giving my nan regular manicures with hot paraffin wax to help ease the pain & stiffness caused by her arthritis!

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Nice tip, Taurion. Good luck with your course x

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Thank you whisperit x


Yes, the wax is brilliant! I was fortunate to get wax sessions prescribed nos at a time my hands were so painful and swollen.

If I remember correctly, I was told Argos sell paraffin wax kits. I have not checked this out myself however.


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