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Running and arthritis


For my Physical education final coming up early next week. I have to run/jog a mile. For me, it is extremely hard for me to run because of the intense pain I begin to feel shortly after started to run, but I can walk fast. My teacher for the class told me that I had to run, or I would get a zero for the final. I don't have a doctors note due to some issues with the Rhumies I've seen. I am unsure of what to do, should I just speed walk the mile?

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I would question your geacher's superior. You can't be forced to do something painful that could be harmful to your health.If you are still at school ask your parents to intervene.

I spoke to my mother before I left for school, she told me to just simply try my best. If they give me a zero, then that's that. I talked to my teacher in the past about lupus and arthritis, he originally told me that if I ever needed to stop and sit out I could. But, once he saw that I could walk relatively well, he determined that I could run and forced me at one time to run and jump, causing me to collapse on the ground after a few minutes. :/

I'm very sorry to hear that. ...a teacher should never decide he knows better than you or your doctor where your health is concerned. Walking & running are completely different when you have an auto immune disease. .....he is obviously very ignorant about Lupus & RA.

Your mother is a very wise woman your best but don't overdo things.......a zero is nothing to ashamed of in Phys Ed. go sock it to them in Math!

I have that class last, and I will try to speak to the teacher and tell him how difficult it is to run for me and hopefully he says that I can just walk it. My mother advised me not to do so, because she believes he won't care or allow me to walk it. I'm just going to try and speak to him, no matter what he says I am going to walk it, I really just hope he understands.

I just emailed him, since he is usually busy with other students and teachers during class. I expressed my concerns to time and was very polite in the email. Let's hope he is understanding....

I think you are doing the right thing. Let us know how you get on x

I’m really shocked by this. Walking and running are TOTALLY different. The exertion of running could set off a flare. Tell your teacher that and tell him that he’s responsible for the fallout should you get sick. Also, running is not recommended for any arthritic condition. As a former athlete, I would have reported him in a heartbeat. I’m sorry someone is treating you like this. It hard enough living with the normal pain let alone someone forcing you to make it worse. Take care of yourself. A grade isn’t worth compromising your health.

Fingers crossed he has second thoughts.

Good Luck with his reply.

Surprisingly he was really nice about it. He would make rude comments to me in the past and whatnot. But he told me that he'll only grade me for the health test that we must do, I won't have to do the mile run.

Succes...well done....hope you get good grades!

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