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Does anyone have trouble with arthritis in their hand? What has been done about it?

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Within the past 6 months my fingers have been hurting, especially my poi ter finger on my right hand. I also have developed weakness in my hands and they fatigue quickly when writing etc.

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Yes I have the same thing. Apparently they are far worse when you are fighting off an infection. I manage mine with paracetamol, braces on the affect area and when its really bad steroids.

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Yes. I get fingers that swell on both sides of the knuckle where they join my hands and get "writers cramp" after just minutes. I have always lacked strength in my hands but when I'm in flare I have to use both hands to lift a cup to drink.

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Try hot and cold, 1 heat pad and 1 freeze pad alternate them. make sure you used a paper towel or kitchen towel to prevent freeze burns

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My hands ache and swell really badly to the point where my fingers lock! I showed this to my rheummy who said its trigger finger where the joint is so inflamed the finger locks. It can happen with lupus but more common in diabetics so she tested me for this and all ok. Rheummy referred me to occupational therapy as i have trouble doing everything when this happens like brushing my hair, lifting a cup etc my first app is tomorrow :)

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HI i have this to i now have to have wrist splints they do help my GP managed to get them sorted for me i take a lot of steroids to and pain relief. The weather seems to have a lot to do with my hands ,

Keep well.

Good advice on here already, just wanted to sympathise as I too have these issues. I also take steroids, and 'up' the dose when need be. I can no longer write for more than a minute also. I even use a stylus for messaging, etc... On touch screens. Very hard to 'help yourself', with this. Usually you rest the joint, but not using your hands is like, trying not to breathe !!!

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Thank you all for your advice. It is very humid where I live right now. 6161, you are right that it's impossible to rest them. Especially when you're a teacher getting ready for summer school :)

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Just my thumbs so far, and I take diclofenac when it happens...

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Yep happenes offten well it's happening 2day can't move my fingers coz they hurt so bad I take codeine when this happens, took them 2day and fell Aslep for a good few hours woke up and pain was easyed.

Hi - I have RA rather than Lupus (although some overlap hence my presence on this community) and when this was diagnosed two and a half years ago my hands were very badly affected with classic RA synovial swelling. I couldn't write or drive or cook or chop up my food for periods of months. I took naproxen for the swelling and it helped a lot but this made me retain a lot of fluid so I kept stopping. It was methotrexate and the exercises my physio gave me - plus various therapies that helped along with splints, including a hard night resting splint.

Also I found that using a hot paraffin wax bath really helped for short periods and was very soothing. You can buy them online. Some people swear by ice packs too but I can't use them as I have Raynauds. My hands are a bit wonky and one thumb joint is swollen and a bit sore and stiff again but on the whole my hands and wrists are pretty good now. But it is so horrible to have painful hands I know. Twitchy

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Poor you. When my hands are in flare, I use compression gloves from iMak. I find they help a lot, as does their wrap-around wrist support .

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I have this but it has improved greatly since taking Hydroxychloroquine- I also (with Docs approval) take 200mg of Turmeric with food every day - helps ease my arthritis as a natural anti inflammatory. There is a great gel called Deep Freeze which eases joint pain sold in most big supermarkets. Good luck.

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