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Medrol injection


I had a Medrol injection early December and it was brilliant. I started hydrochloroquine end of Dec but symptoms started creeping back in during February. 4 days ago I had a 2nd injection, but i don’t feel it has been as successful. My fingers have gone down but first finger isn’t perfect. Toes are now great. Temperature control is better, but I’m still very tired and my knees still feel like they’re burning on an evening. Do steroids sometimes stop working as effectively after a period of time?

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I found so and they did a lot of damage to my immune system.

Kazwaz1980 in reply to Cann

In terms of because they lower it? Could you explain what you mean by damage please?

Yes I have had this too where a steroid inj has worked and then other times hasn’t. I seem to respond better increasing my oral steroids for a while but hate having to do this as I eat everything!!

I’ve had good response from and injection and then other times needed a bit of a top up after a couple of wks or so but still sometimes has no effect.

Kazwaz1980 in reply to Sara_A

I’m so disappointed! I must say- today my fingers are much better- it’s been 4 days now. Toes are great. Hips not so much where as last time it was amazing. It doesn’t feel muscular- it feels like inflammation, plus my fatigue is 50% better not not solved, wheee as last time it was amazing!

I had pneumonia 6 wks ago so maybe this is why I’m still not right

Sara_A in reply to Kazwaz1980

Yeah it can take a long time to recover from pneumonia even without an autoimmune disease!

If it’s only been 4 days since inj don’t give up hope just yet, give it a few more days.

I’ve recently increased my oral steroids as was so stiff felt like I’d been hit by a bus every morning. My hands and wrists aren’t great and have had one wrist in s sling for 2 days it’s so painful which is hard when trying to look after 2 young kids!

My rheum cons dud mention pulse steroid treatment??? Don’t really know much about it, if anyone does??? Advice welcome!

hair-loss, allergies, dental problems and even more over-reactive immune system!

When i had that injection i went 6-8 weeks in a row and it worked beautifully! Have done it 2x and worked both series. Good luck!

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