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Kidney biopsy


Just saw my consultant at addenbrookes hospital and since I have started the full treatment my blood tests are looking good but I still don't feel too well.

My blood pressure is high and my heart rate is so high plus still have blood in my urine but no protein. The did a ct scan and an ultrasound on my kidneys and it showed normal function. But my consultant still thinks I should have a kidney biopsy just to have a better diagnosed. What do you think? My consultant was hoping that I was going to feel ok once I was on the medication but I am not 100% well. Still have bad flares up lots of muscles weakness, fatigue and pain.

Any advice please xx

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Definitely have the biopsy. It’s not painful and will give the medics much more information about the state of your kidney following lupus activity. All the very best.


Follow the consultant and go for the biopsy. Best wishes Kevin

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Biopsy is not that bad at all and they will know for sure if your kidneys have been affected , at least they are checking everything which is good .

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