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PLEASE HELP - DLA backpay on an indefinite claim (active for 3 years without payment)

Does anybody know where I stand with this? I was in receipt of DLA from my 18th birthday and it was paid into my mothers account and she gave me it so I was never really aware of it. I recently found out that I was awarded DLA for life but after receiving a prison sentence the claim was paused. When I found out about the DLA I called the helpline and the woman told me that my claim was active and that they should have resumed payments once I left prison (this should have been done by them or by the prison informing them to resume payments) however this was not done and I wasn't aware about the claim to ensure it was sorted out sooner. The woman told me my claim is still active, took new bank details and told me that it will go to a decision about giving me the backpay for the 3 years they should have paid me and that I should just keep checking my bank. Am I entitled to the 3 years worth of backpay? I believe I should be and intend to appeal the decision if I am not given it. My claim has been active the whole time they just never started paying me again like they should have... They were quick to take the money back after finding out they had payed me a couple of times while I was in prison. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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I'd pop along to the. Citizen's Advice Bureau. I really doubt if payments like this would be switched to a different bank account just from information given in a telephone call.

The CAB will know who you should be contacting.

Have you checked if payments have been reinstated to the original account?

Good Luck


Okay can nip down and see what they say. I went through quite a few security questions and the bank details were the same account as my other benefits so I think they verified it that way. That's a good idea also I will check, Thank you :)


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