PIP news and its actually good

I called the guys at DWP to try and get an idea of how long it would take for my PIP claim to be proceed.

I was surprised to be told by the advisor that it had already been processed and I have been awarded the Standard Care rate of £53 pounds a week which will be back dated to when I made my initial application. Hopefully this will be deposited into my bank by the end of the week.

How is everybody else getting on?

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  • Right on!!!

  • Thanks

    It may sound silly but after the reactions I have had from my friends, family and colleagues not only am I super relives but it feels like someone finally believes me

  • Still awaiting mine i applied in july 2013,my mp has been phoning everyweek trying to apply pressure for me but noone as of yet x

  • I literally started writing my letter of complaint to DWP and to my MP this weekend.

  • I applied back in October and have continually been told that my claim has been sent to the assessors!

    I am now suffering a bad flare and at the point of considering giving up work completely after cutting down my hours to see if that helped.

    I will keep on phoning and hoping!

  • It is defiantly a pain but keep at it!

  • You have done what I did a month ago, my work is very active and it feels like its literally killing me but if I give up work I will be in a worse position than now ! Until I hear from pip claim I am just grinning and bearing it !

  • cani apply fro PIP mobility fro gettign about.i am in receipt of dla fro low care and so far mobility has been denied.i have more problems gettign about .or do I ahev to wait til transfer to pip

  • I was turned down for mobility because i can walk more than 20 meters. I would recommend that you bring any walking aids with you and alsy get as much documented evidence from your GP, Rheumy ect

  • mm don t know if I would egt support from my gp and defo not rheumy who dismissed my visible symptoms poss of lupus.i cant walk uphill without aid or getting breathless

  • that is even with my dogs to pull me up hill.tho they don't take dogs into consideration as walking aids!!

  • If your condition has deteriorated, you can notify DWP of a change of circumstances and they can reconsider your current entitlement. However, it is probably best to seek advice from an agency like Citizen's Advice Bureau before notifying DWP as there are risks to consider.

  • Hi ive been waiting for months when did you apply ?

    well done

  • can anyone answer my question?

  • I maid the initial phone call in June, but i had to chase the DWP constantly as they took over a month to send me the application form then another two months for the assestment

  • Brilliant news for you. X

  • Congrats..there is light at the end of the tunnell..i might give them a ring today..as had assessment beginnig of Dec..im glad for U we do with this vile condition. ..got up this morning aching on shoulders..and rash 2 go with. It..as for being cold try thermals..

  • im so plzd as I know they've been treating you badly and not updating you and many other people on here. I feel I cannot apply for pip as my rhuemmy has already said she does not help any of her patients with any kind of claim so I don't feel a letter from my gp alone will be enough for DWP to believe me x

  • I never actually got a letter from my Rhumey however I am cc’ed in all of the correspondence that they send to my GP on my behalf so I collated all of those letters, I also enclosed a form that was sent to my work place from my GP, photocopies of my prescriptions ect.

  • I did the same,did not get letter frm rhummy..just sent all evidence collected like, occupational health letters that supported me in changing my hours at work..dont let your rhummy put you of.

  • Same here I applied in september 13 and as of yet heard nothing back, I wrote to them a week ago asking them to contact me to confirm that they had my form and copies of doctors letters ect as i have had no confirmation that they have received them.

    still no reply. The benefits system is a total joke at present, they want everyone to jump through hoops and go to hell and back before helping those who need it.

    Rant over.......... well done wotshername.

  • Did you have to go and see an indendent doctor or panel.....

  • Did you go to se an independent panel or doctor ...

  • I saw a doctor

  • Great news,I got turned down but have appeased.


  • I will cross my fingers for you

  • How long did it take from start to finish ? All they tell me is its with their assessors and then its gotta go to dwp for their decision ! And I applied in july

  • it took me over 7 months i applied in June and i got my decision a couple weeks ago

  • Sorry to ask but were you claiming anything before this ? Eg.dla ! Just thinking mine is my first claim for anything and maybe thats why its taking so long x

  • This was my first time claiming also I think it is taking so long because Pip is very new and I believe that the application process was frankly not very well thought out

  • Thats encouraging thanks for replying x

  • Been to see my specialist this morning and oc , who have both said they will write letters if it helps, the claim process is a joke! I am trying to put it to the back of my mind,and they will reply when then can but its not easy to do when I need the money and support !!

  • and it dosent help that they impose time limits for us to get the information to them but they take months to do the assessment I don’t think that DWP contacted any of the medical professionals who’s details I provided but I could be wrong

  • Hello all. I had my DLA refused twice but then contacted an advisor at DWP who came to see me and filled out the forms for me. I had full payment for care and mobility much to my surprise. The advisors are independent and she was very nice. Worth a try.. I have lupus and Ra so life is a bowl of cherries !!!!

  • So pleased you were awarded what you are entitled to and what a good way to go about it.

  • That's great news! Well done. How do you contact a DWP advisor please?

  • I applied on October, called January was informed that I will be contacted for a medical but to date nothing. I am not holding my breath, last time I applied for a blue badge I was informed that my condition was not serious. If only these assessors knew what we jave been experiencing.

  • Apply for the blue badge on line,I did and I was excepted straight away...good luck

  • I m waitin too but av no bakup from phsios or occys just my gp

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