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Really wanna lose some weight, not sure if I can with all the tabs am on !! Am 10stone something snd that's the biggest I've ever been everyone else saying I don't need 2 but it's really how I feel I want this 4 me.. Everyone saying I need 2 get my health straight first but all I wanna do is lose weight now , am trying 2 cut down I don't have the energy 4 the gym so I try a small walk a day then am suffering afterwards I can't win !!

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  • When first started on prednisone I used to be quite heavy. Like you I got stuck in than catch 22 senario. I made a diary of everything I ate and then I reviewed my eating habits to decide what I needed to cut down on.

    Once I got that sorted I started on exercise, rather than deal with both at the same time and then went for a once w week exercise programme and then built to 2 after some weeks and so om.

  • It's hard to lose weight in any case as we know but even more so when you're not feeling good. I have found that using the "My fitness pal" app helps as you record everything you eat and set goals which you can track progress easily. I also found the hairy biker recipes to be very good with some excellent tops on cutting calories. I certainly find it more difficult to exercise so am trying to lose the weight with diet for now. Good luck and hope you feel better soo .

  • Thank u 4 ur reply. I will defs try that app, exercising is tough am26 and after a 10min walk I feel like a 90 year old x

  • To all of you that want to lose weight I recommend Slimming World. I had tried most diets even weird ones joined slimming world and in 2 years lost 7 stone. I am not able to exercise either.

    They are aware and take into account different illnesses and people on steroids. I know in my group there are diabetics, people with thyroid problems, people on steroids and me with SLE.

    They have just brought out a range of meals as well that you can get from Iceland (unfortunately a lot have sold out as there has been a rush on them)

    There are usually offers on with money off to join and some doctors will send you to slimming world so it is free for a while.

    All slimming world is, is healthy eating you should never be hungry on it. You can also still have some treats.

  • I originally lost just under 4st with SW and became a target member. However after my op and not being able to move much I've gained weight and I'm no longer at target. I am back again as a member and enjoying my meals and filling full a lot of the time. I bought some ready meals yesterday and it was mad busy.

  • Hi, I am with Slimming World and so far I have lost 2 stone. Can't walk so no exercise as such. Join it is Not a diet it is just a healthier way of eating. I had one of the new meals last night and it was very good. and for afters Chocolate cake. we call it our 9syn cake. join on line if you want but I recommend that you join a club as you get far more help, make new friends and pick up tips and new ideas for recipe's . I look forward to my 7pm family as I call it and we all help each other. Good Luck.xx

  • I agree, Slimming world really works, I am 9 stone over weight and tried every diet and I had given up.

    My daughter asked me to join with her 6 weeks ago, it's not been easy and I am still learning the ropes.

    Just got my First Stone loss award and I am over the moon, it feels like it's saving my life, good luck!

  • I can sympathise with you. Attempting to lose weight when energy levels are low is difficult. However losing weight is 80% what you put in your mouth and 20% exercise. I myself is trying to lose weight after gaining 12lbs following surgery.

    If you're unable to exercise you can just concentrate and eating healthily to start and eventually bring in exercise that can bring your heart rate up.

    I've recently taken to walking around the park then I hope to introduce swimming next month when it's not as cold outside.

    Just don't be hard on yourself and take small steps and you'll soon reach your goals. Personally I've joined a slimming class which keeps me motivated and in the right mindset. Plus I'm enjoying the variety of different healthy meals I'm eating.

    Take care x

  • I was the same and had put on masses of weight through medication and not being able to exercise. However I joined slimming world where it's all about the right food choices. Excellent eating plan, ate masses of the right stuff and lost 3st in 6 months. Also took up swimming and gradually built up stamina so in spite of lupus I feel and look like a new woman. Give it a go! Likewise if you get a gp referral you get 12 weeks for free. Good luck

  • I go to aqua fit as I can't exercise on land due to lower back problems the water takes the weight of your body

  • This sounds like a great idea ! I too when be the same very sore ESP back and shoulders. I am going 2 look into seeing if we have any classes near home.

    Thank u x

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