Hydroxy weight gain

Since I started taking hydroxychloriquine last year I've gained a stone in weight and simply can't lose it. Has anyone else had this problem? And more importantly, have you found a way to lose the weight? Usually I'm good at dieting. I eat healthily and exercise regularly, but just can't shift this weight. I'm the heaviest I've ever been and I hate it. Otherwise I find the hydroxy helpful as I get fewer flare ups and don't feel as completely exhausted as I did before taking it.

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  • Actually I have put weight on but I only noticed it since Xmas. I put it down to working more and therefore less active at home. At home I am constantly up and down the stairs- I get slower and slower depending on if I'm going into our bedroom in the loft space (2 flights) or just the kids rooms but I still do it. With working I wasn't doing the same amount of movement ( less housework, ironing - house is like a tip!). Not forgetting the extra Xmas food. But now you mention it you have me wondering. I'm not sure how long I've been on hydroxy, my memory is terrible for dates, time- actually it's just terrible. I just wonder if its been more gradual than I think and it was only when NOTHING would fit I really recognised it.

    As far as losing it, not yet! I'm working on it. Unfortunately I am having a little flare and my CK - muscle enzyme needs to be lowered so as far as exercise is concerned I'm not pushing too much. Diet wise - cut down on alcohol ( had no choice as I've been put on methotrexate) so that may help but still picking rather than decent meals when I'm tired. So I'm not much help on how to lose weight yet.

    Good luck. Someone will have good ideas x

  • Yes I am having the exact same problem. Since starting hydroxy I'm exactly 1 stone heavier. I definitely don't over eat and eat healthy. Im constantly counting calories in a bid to drop even a few pounds and nothing? Its just unbelievable! Im always saying to family my weight gain has to be hydroxy because it just wont shift :( summer's coming and its bad enough that i dread the sun and flares but to hate what i see in the mirror is so depressing. I hope someone can give some good tips on loosing weight while on hydroxy. Sorry for the moan really glad you posted this though!

  • I'm really sorry you're both having the same problem, but it is good to know I'm not imagining it! Let's hope someone can give us some tips for losing weight while on hydroxyl!

    Just think how badly we'd do if we weren't still dieting and exercising! xx

  • Eating foods that don't overstimulate your insulin production may help in more ways than one.

    Firstly, too much carbohydrate and too little fat is bad for your immune system. Refined carbs suppress immune function, and fat provides necessary fat-soluble vitamins.

    Secondly, if you eat foods that stimulate insulin you will find it difficult to lose weight. Insulin stimulates lipoprotein-lipase that promotes fat storage; you can't utilise fat for fuel while your body is in this storage mode.

  • I am so glad it's not just me! I was on the verge of posting this same issue. I have gained a stone since starting the hydroxy despite following my usual eating pattern, which has always kept my weight down. I have decided to stop drinking alcohol altogether. I use an app called myfitnesspal to record my intake. If anyone has any other advice I would love to hear it too x

  • I didnt put weight on with it, but I did with steroids. 3 stone. I am still on hydroxy/plaquinil and have lost 2 stone with Weightwatchers x

  • This is really interesting. I lost over 3 stone before I was first diagnosed and had to buy a complete new wardrobe. Since being on hydroxychloroquine for about 4 months now my weight has started to creep up and I am having to be more and more careful not to let it creep higher and faster. I hadn't made the link, but it looks as if there could be one with this medication. Has anyone asked the medics about this?

  • Just read this, and crikes, me too. I just thought I was getting fat as I don't do as much exercise as I'd like.

  • I think we all need to be talking to our doctors / rheumies about this! I will try to get around to seeing my GP next week, but as the hydroxy was prescribed by the rheumy I'm not sure what they can do.

  • I have been on hydoxy now for a number of years and whilst at first I was overweight I did put on more, then last year I decided enough is enough and I started slimming world. I have lost two and a half stone and feel much better, I am on a bit of a plato at the moment and keep bouncing around the weight im at now even though I still need to loose another three stone. I have underactive thyroid too so am battling that and now it seems I am going for a gut biopsy as yes you guessed it im a coeliac ( not a celariac as my son said). I too have just started methotrexate so drink won't be a problem. But back to the answer.....slimming world has worked for me so far and im hoping once I have the confirmation that I have coeliac it will help me with that too. Good luck xxx

  • Hi everyone. I am also constantly struggling with my weight. But I do weight watchers every year and lose a stone or 2 and then put it back on. But it does work. I can't stick to it cos I love my food too much but if you try it does work. But it is very stressful. Grrrrr I am also on 400mg hydroxy daily.

  • Hello again. I think we should report this as a side effect through the yellow card scheme. I have included the link here. yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk

  • That's not good...:-(

  • Done Madlottie. Maybe if all of us who have gained weight do this it might get some result. It's odd that we all seem to have gained around 1 stone don't you think?

    I've been going to Slimming World for ages but have recently stopped as I was continuing to gain weight no matter how well I stuck to the plan and it was a waste of money. It used to work for me before I started the hydroxy.

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