Weight loss

Weight loss

I started my weight loss August 2015 so 2 years ago today . I have lost 2 stones . The pic on the left was a family holiday in 2014 and the right is me yesterday . I still myself as the person on the left . It's taking me time to adjust to that I'm not big big anymore just big .

I would like to lose another 2 stone in 2 years . I am doing it slowly so it stays off and gives me time to tone up my belly . I am proud that it in 2 years I haven't put any of the weight back on .

On Monday I'm staying my calorie counting again . I am hoping to use my exercise bike everyday and go on the Wii fit and do some other toning exercise depending on my pain and fatigue .


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  • Wow! You look great! And lovely to put a face to your user name LouLamb! x I'm so pleased you have done this for yourself. You must be very proud of yourself. And rightly so. Do you need to lose another 2 stone? Seems a lot when you look so good. I wish I had your will power. I struggle to control my weight, mainly because I'm less active these days. I should lose a little. It gets harder as you get older too - it comes on easier and is harder to get off. Grrr. 😩 Keep up the good work. X

  • Another 2 stone would be amazing for me . I still have a big belly but thanks to the high waisted jean in the photo it doesn't look so big . My weight is currently 13 stone 8lb . I have quite broad shoulders so could hold more weight that petite person . I would like to ideally be 10-11 stone . Hopefully by August 2019 I might be there

    I started this the month before my lupus diagnosis and it really helped me x

  • I'm 5 foot 9 inches. And I am 13 stone 1 1/2 lbs. I wear a size 14 or 16. that's the lightest I've been during summer months for a while. I seem to get swollen during the summer months and gain weight. Then during the winter months my weight goes down. But not this summer it seems. I think it must be because my combination of drugs seems to be controlling my lupus well. My feet haven't swelled up or my hands etc. So that's another good sign. I would love to be about 1/2 stone lighter and always fit comfortably into a size 14. Like I said, well done you! Xx

  • I recently brought a nice top for my cousins wedding in September . I usually wear t shirts and jeans. I own no girly or properly women clothes . I tried on a size 12 it fitted but didn't like the way it hugged my belly . So I got a size 14 . Was completely surprised I fitted in to them sizes . My school trousers use to be a size 22 I now wear a size 18 jeans . My school tops use to be massive size .

  • Brilliant! Keep taking the photos too, to show how well you're doing. It gives you the incentive. Has your confidence grown as you've lost weight? X

  • My mum and her friend told me they have seen a change in my confidence . I myself see if now a bit more . I still before I go out get my brother to hold the mirror up for me so I can check what I look like . When you look down on yourself you look massive . In the mirror face on I see I am not that massive . I sometimes catch a glance of myself in the shop mirrors and think wow I don't look to bad πŸ™‚

  • No you don't look too bad at all πŸ˜‰ x

  • Thank you . I think it takes a while for your mind to have a response to the weight loss. In my mind I think I am still as big as I was . It's not until you see photos like this and I think . Did I really look like that . I worry about how big my legs are now but compared to back then when they were so much bigger

  • Nice one! Looks like you've worked really hard. I've always heard that it can be easy to lose weight but must harder to keep it off so you should feel really proud of yourself.

    I've put loads on due to immobility and steroids. Can you share any tips with us please??

  • I did calorie counting. I went online type on calories to lose weight . You put in your details . It tell you how many calories to eat to lose weight. I can have 1400. So my ideal is to eat between 1200-1400 calories . I did no exercise at all .

    This time I am going to calorie count and do exercise to hopefully tone up . This time I am use going to measure my waist and thighs I did not do that last time.

  • Hello happytulip

    Have you tried using My Fitness Pal? You can download the app on to any mobile device, put in your personal details then just start logging everything you eat. Their food database is huge but if you can't find something you can scan in the details using the product barcode.

    It's great for keeping a check on your daily calorie intake, fluid intake and nutritional values.


  • You look great. Well done. Xxxx

  • Thank you x

  • Well done you, how well you have done and you look great πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹

  • Thanks x

  • You look fantastic, you must feel so proud. Well done. X

  • Thank you x

  • Very well done! You've lost the weight in a very sensible way which should mean you'll be able to keep it off too when you reach your happy weight. The difference in the two pictures is amazing!

    It's great to see how you look x

  • Thank you . I think the key is to not rush . The more you rush the easier it goes back on x

  • What an amazing achievement LouLamb - you look great. Losing weight slowly is exactly the right way to do it as you are much more likely to keep it off.

    Please do keep us updated on your progress! 😊xx

  • Thank you. X

  • Congratulations Lou you look great, you must be so proud of your achievement. I would recommend some toning up exercise though, you will be amazed the difference it makes to your body. You have done the hardest job of changing your lifestyle, just add some yoga and Pilates before you hit the hard stuff...Measuring the body circumference is also a good gauge of weight loss.

    I have been trying to lose some weight for a long time but it all comes back, so well done you for your perseverance and hard work.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks x

  • You look great, Lou, and it's so nice to see you. I lost about two stone a few years ago and have kept most of it off, different things work for different people but for me it was the fat content of foods that was important. Great news for me as I have a sweet tooth and could still have a wee bit of chocolate!! Good luck!

  • Thank you. X

  • Very, very well done.You are an amazing example - you set your mind to slimming down, & you have proved the old saying " eat less move more" really does work!

    I really admire your perseverance......you look great!

  • Thanks x

  • Well done Lou!!!!!!! Such a pretty face to put to the online-person!!

  • Thank you x

  • You look fantastic! Well done. Xx

  • Thank you x

  • Oh well done LouLamb. You have done so well to loose that much on your own. I lost 2 stone over a year and have kept it off for just over a year. It's so hard when exercising is so difficult. I go to slimming world Their healthy eating plan seems to suit my body. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to hearing your journey xx

  • Thank you x

  • Well done, you look brilliant. ☺

  • Thank you x

  • Hi Loulamb

    Lovely to put a face to your name, great pic and well done with losing two stone. Great achievement and done gently which is kinder to your body. You will inspire others on here I'm sure X

  • Thank you x

  • Good luck Loulamb for your driving lesson. Hope it goes well. X

  • Well done. You look brilliant. You must have been so determined. X

  • Thank you . What made me motivated a lot was I went to the hospital for my first appointment. It was in the children part as I was only 15 . The man doctor there wrote my report and he used a fancy word . I looked it up and it meant fat . So i thought I don't want more reports using fancy words to call me fat xx

  • Well done I know it's not easy,especially with the medication we're on. You deserve a big pat on the back!! x

  • Thank you . It means a lot all of your kind words x

  • Ah Lou! My heart goes out to you. But you've done it. You're definitely not fat now. x

  • Thanks x

  • Well done LouLamb !! You look fantastic!! πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Thank you x

  • I know u lost 2 stone but looks more like ur half of what u was and u have every right to be happy and doing it slow best thing because it's hard to keep weight down I know but good one you. X wish I could lose it like you and have the patience I get very eager when on diets I lose it but always put back on I think I will take my time this time because you have kept it off and toning at same time it's really good. So yes you really do look great for the weight lose and bet you feeling strange with your arms because when I was bigger it's like they lean on my sides and I have not lost loads but I never know what to do with them when walking with some space there x

  • Well done loulamb!you look great!i know how hard it is to loose weight!i have terrible excersise intolerance with my lupus which makes it soooo much harder!i used to be a real swimming freak but it's more of a float these days lol.im currently pregnant and those scales have been creeping up and up but once I've had my baby I'm determined to get back to my weight I was 10 years ago! Keep up the good work you are an inspiration!x

  • Thank you . Congrats on your pregnancy x

  • Well done Lou! You look great !πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I'm sure you're beautiful anyway, but for health reasons weight loss good idea. (Just wish I found it easier - age thing I guess!) Keep up the good work. Stay healthy and good luck. πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you x

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