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Feeling frustrated by the NHS 😠

I’ve got lupus and had chronic sciatica since April. In July I was diagnosed with a torn Achilles’ tendon. 6 doctors later, I’m no further forward with any treatment. I’m in excruciating pain but just keep getting fobbed off with co-codamol and at one point oramorph. I’ve been waiting nearly 11 weeks for an ultrasound and even longer for a physio appointment. I’m now considering using my savings to go private as the pain is really affecting my quality of life. I feel I’m at breaking point. I’ve asked for a quote for a private scan and treatment, just hope it’s not too expensive. :-( xx

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So feel for you as have had that myself and


Is agonising! Apparently if it doesn't heal naturally you can have surgery I would suggest getting another opinion from specialist. I hope it improves.


sounds like psoriatic arthritis. do you have any family history of psoriasis?


Hi Kelihunt41,

Have you tried speaking with the PALS team at the hospital to raise your concern and see if they are able to push things along?


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