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7 DAYS POST - Steroid Hip Injections

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It's been a week since these steroid injections were given, I had one in both hips. The 3 anaesthetic injections were more painful than the hip one. The first few hrs I did feel wonderful, but by night time I was in a lot of pain and could hardly stand or walk. I realised that my body still had the anaesthetic in which was helping with the pain and when it wore off, it hurt like hell.

At first, I really did think I'd made it worse, so did a bit of research. Apparently, it takes about 7 days to kick in and seeing the real effects of the injections. It's 7 days today and I can honestly say I feel 80% better. The pain I feel while walking around has greatly reduced. I can turn in bed without screaming out in pain or feeling like I'm a dead weight.

The only thing that has not changed is the pain I feel on standing up from a sitting position, it's extremely painful and I still have to steady myself before I can start walking, and I will always need my walking stick. However, I'm still very pleased, because I'm in less pain overall.

The Doctor said if I can benefit from the steroid injections for at least 8 to 10 weeks, then it's possible to have another one within 3 months. The initial pain you feel at first if worth the long-term goals of being 80% pain free for 10 weeks.

So feeling optimistic for the further.

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