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R A and steroid injections into joints?

Hello all

Would those of us with RA recommend steroid injections into joints? What is the proceedure like? How long does the effect last? Would you swear by them or off them?

I know, horses for courses, but your opinions and experiences would help enormously.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Also, with the anti inflammatory diet, useful?

Many thanks folks

Keep as well as you can.



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My daughter has gotten steroid injections in her jaw. They work great for her. Very little pain with procedure. They mix numbing medicine in the injection. Usually feels relief by the next day. Typically lasts about 6 months.

As far as anti inflammatory diet? Personally, I think it's a bunch of hoopla.


Hi Aunt Tea,

Well My sister has SjΓΆgren's Syndrome and she is incredibly strict about her diet, and I know has cut many things out and her health has improved. I haven't done the anti inflammatory diet as yet ,but when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and also a lactose allergy when I cut them out my diet my health was a whole lot better.

So I wouldn't be too hasty to rule the anti inflammatory diet out as I strongly believe what food you put inside your body will dictate your health to a certain degree . In other words, "we are what we eat"


I guess I need to explain my comments. I am probably one of the healthiest eaters around. I have a huge garden and fruit trees I grow nearly all of my own fruits and vegetables and can for winter. I rarely eat red meat and have fish or seafood at least twice a week. I have eaten this way my entire life as my parents did the same. It frustrates me and honestly angers me when I hear these public service announcements that if you eat healthy and get plenty of exorcise it will prevent illness. It makes those of us with this horrible debilitating illness feel like it's something we did or didn't do that could have prevented it. It's nothing more than luck (or in my case unlucky) of the genetic pool. And I'm sorry but eating a bowl of almonds and tart cherries in a cup of soy milk isn't going to make one iota of a difference and it does nothing but give us false hope. We have pain, organ damage, fatigue that never goes away no matter how much we sleep, our skin looks awul at times. It's a horrible debilitating chronic illness and we don't need disappointment with false hope. That's why I called it hoopla. Sorry for my rant. It's a touchy subject for me.

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Ah I m sorry your feeling so bad. I did not mean to preach I was only trying to be helpful it sounds as though your diet is really good. I entirely agree about genetics I have inherited my problems with health also and yes it really is horrible living with a debilitating illness I have really bad times too and feel everyday is a struggle for me I just try and go day by day and sometimes it's ok and sometimes it's awful but I feel is good to connect with other people who struggle to as it makes us realise we are not alone.thats why I went on this site which I think is a good outlet for to rant and raver and let out all our feelings that let them eat away at us and make us feel worse.

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I used to have steroid jab into my jaw joint, long before I was diagnosed with lupis. 1st lasted 4 month of reduced pain, 2nd about 3 months, 3rd about 2 months.... the last one I had only lasted 2 weeks and as the maximum they can do it is 3 times a year they had to stop! As for the procedure, they used local anaesthetic injected into the area 1st and then the steroid didn't hurt quite as much but certainly wasn't pain free! For me personally, it's not worth the temporary fix now as too many joints hurt! :)



I've had many steroid injections in various joints other than a little discomfort at the time. They do help, and last for several weeks to months it just depends. But well worth trying it out

Any relief that does not involve swallowing paracetamol four times a day is good


I have the injections in my hips, they do work well x


Foot pain and of course all peripheral joint pain is severe. One month ago when having feet injected (Morton's neuroma) a podiatrist posited that steroid injections into joints speeds their deterioration. That was sufficient for me! Best wishes, molly


Thank you all for your input, gratefully received.

Bless you ⚽️


Hi footy girl

I have been having steroid jabs on and off for 20 years they are in my opinion a good quick fix if you are going through a bad flare of RA and simply cannot cope with the pain. At least then when the pain calms down after a couple of days usually, then sleep comes back again which in turn often calms the whole immune system down. It varies from person to person as to how long the steroid jab will last but I personally think they are a useful medication if used correctly by your rheumatologist. Probably a few times a year if necessary. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


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