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Been back in hospital

I got a call from rumi about having high white cell count in my bloods told them I've just walked out of Doctor's and I had a uti all good I thought then about 130am I was in agony from my kidney wife rang ambulance but was told it could be 2hr befor one comes available so she took me in car when I got there I was begging them to knock me out after a ct scan they said you have a stone moving through my kidney but you also have abscess in my rectum and needed surgery asap what a week hospital of doctor every day for re dressing now why am I telling you this all the surgeons said it's the methatrexate so I'm off methatrexate for 3/4 weeks but I was wondering has anybody else had problems with methatrexate retarding the immune system to this degree exactly 12 months ago I was in hospital with sepcis and was told methatrexate was a probably a contributing factor to me getting sepcis so just wondering has any of you had a similar experience

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