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A Quiet Day in the Pharmacy

Just a happy moment:

The place I collect my meds from is part of the building my GP practice is located in. The practice is, of course, closed on Saturdays but the pharmacy is open in the morning.

It was very quiet as I waited for all my meds ( I always have to say some are controlled drugs and locked up, so it takes a bit longer). The chap in charge was clearly underworked so went through every med with me, asking how it was helping, is the pain relief enough? I really appreciated this, especially as it gave me the chance to ask again if they can ensure to always get the right brand of hydroxy in. We went through everything, then he said the change in weather could cause a pain flare. I jokingly held up the blue hands to show the Raynaud's. For that I was told about hot water bottles, so I smiled sweetly, thanked him and made sure I didn't roll my eyes.

It was just such a pleasant 20 minute exchange with someone who knew from the meds what kind of problems I have, and wanted to know if they were helping. Made me feel than someone was interested and cared. It helped, of course, that he had the time, but it was a feel good moment. ⭐️

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Always a boost when someone has some clue - beats a lot of doctors after all!

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That's a nice story, and I bet it made his day better too x

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