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Another day... another walk :)

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Finally today, after relatively short flare by my standards, I managed to walk 2km :)

For me this is a HUGE achievement!

I have mobility issues and I have been walking regularly (actually dragging would be more precise lol) even during flare, as I feel that the space and exercise is good for my mental and physical health. If I can I will, if I cant I don't. But this time I could, and although the walks have been shorter and less frequent, I have pushed on even when I didn't really want to!

And today I managed 2km for the first time in an age :)

So pleased I could cry! And so thankful to patient friend who walks with me (and her beautiful dogs) as I would not be able to do it on my own.

Before Lupus I would walk my dog for miles, walking is part of me that has gradually succumbed to this awful disease, but you know... it's coming back!

Went to the woods today, wrapped up like a kid cos it was freezing, snow made it so beautiful and in spite of the pain, I felt so alive... more like my old self than I have for a long time!

And I wanted to share.

Thanks for listening ;)

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Lovely to hear. I too was out today with my daughter and like you said it was beautiful x

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Silvermyst in reply to mstr

Yes, kind of makes up for the fact that it is soooooo cold :) x

Was wondering how you are getting on on the new medication? Hope you are not suffering too many effects :) xx

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mstr in reply to Silvermyst

Hi, thanks for asking. 'Due to take my weekly dose tonight. I felt a bit yucky last Friday as I take the meds on a Thur night but otherwise better than I have for a while. I think I have kind of overdone it this week and it has told on me today. I'm a but reluctant to say that all's ok as it is still early days, but sofar so good:) I have had no pain in my ribs/trunk at all. I plan to put a blog up in a few weeks as I may by then have more indication of how I am going to be on it.

Hope you are keeping well too xx

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mstr in reply to mstr

PS: you have inspired me to build walking into my routine. Like you I would just go for a walk on a Saturday/Sunday and go for miles without having to think about it. But the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step so I must get moving:) xx

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Silvermyst in reply to mstr

That is great news, am pleased that the initial phasing is going well. Please try and get into habit of listening to your body and if you need to rest it is important that you do. Try and maintain a balance. Over doing things can have a really detrimental impact on myself and I am sure many others.

I am coping thanks :) My life is very restricted due to mobility problems and I have just about every Lupus symptom in the book, but I am really trying to do as much as I can without making myself poorly. Am pleased that my blog has helped you to feel motivated... sometimes when we write things down we cannot realise the impact of our words but on this occasion I am pleased I shared :) x

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mstr in reply to Silvermyst

Yes, sound advice re pacing myself. Next week will be more planned and I will try to build things in more slowly. I must keep thinking of the hare and tortoise story.

Hope you have a good weekend x

I'm so pleased for you! It must be awful if you are unable to get out and walk - I'd hate it. At the moment I can't do as much as I usually do, but at least I'm able to do some. Hope you continue to improve for you :-)

Thank you :) Its been a difficult year but I am hoping that this is the start of a better one! x

Glad to hear your out n about girls I was too.took my grandson to feed the squirrels.glad you feeling better silvermyst x

Thanks :) hope you had a lovely time! x

That's great to hear, we'll done!

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Purpletop in reply to Purpletop

Predictive text is a menace, I meant "well done".

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Silvermyst in reply to Purpletop

Lol, I have problems with predictive text too! Thank you so much :) x

Well done. Thank you for sharing with us!

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Silvermyst in reply to

Thanks :)

Lovely to have something positive to share. I always feel better to get out and get fresh air and mobility helps the joints for me. Just have to keep reminding myself of the feeling . Also exercise is known to alleviate depression.

I'm certainly going to follow your example. xx

I was saying to my friend that, although its painful and I know I have done it, the best thing about it is the way it makes me feel... I used to be real active and walk miles so my situation has been a cruel lesson in re-adjustment. But no longer am I gonna let this bloody illness dictate my life to me... I feel so much better in myself for being out and about.

I hope you manage to get yourself out too, it may hurt for a while but it will help you feel better in yourself and hopefully like me, regain some of what you have lost :) x

:) xxx

I know that feeling well, at the moment I am trying to walk everyday, I have got up to 400m now, make my self walk a lamppost further everyday, sounds silly but it is working.

Well done you, gives you such a sense of freedom

big hugs x

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mstr in reply to tiredmum

That's a good idea, just to keep extending the goal posts, I will definitely try this. Thanks:) x

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Silvermyst in reply to mstr

That IS a really good idea, well done you :) Hope you find it as therapeutic as I do x

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Jaxqueline in reply to tiredmum

:) x

Lovely to hear you are managing better. It does make you feel so much better even when it is an effort.

I started by walking a bus stop at a time, and catching a bus back. Gradually I made it a bit further and now I can, very slowly, manage a couple of miles. My toes hurt, but they do that anyway, so I persevere.

It has looked beautiful with the snow!

Another great idea, I long for the days when I can walk distances again, and one of these days I will!

The snow has made it worth getting out there, cold but just beautiful :) x

I just wanted to say well done. And enjoy xx :D

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Silvermyst in reply to Minimum

Thanks lots :) x

I too was like you ....walked miles with the dog, fells and dales were no problem 14 miles sometimes. Now I can manage 4 miles but only low level. We holidayed in Dorset last June, I think every half mile I sat down. Christmas 2011 we went for our local forest hike.....2 miles took nearly 3 hours! It was purgatory, but I did it. I used to ache at the top of my thighs, but that seems to have worn off now.

Well looks like the thaw has started. My poor Lucy, black lab, gashed her leg yesterday and has to wear a lampshade for 4 days as she has staples in.

Awww bless her, they don't like them much do they lol :)

I have decided that it doesn't matter how hard it is or how long it takes it is worth the effort... Just got to keep focused :) But I do find it hard some days although having support and encouragement helps immensely.

I guess it's just part of Lupus! x

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