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Boots Pharmacy - Zentiva / Hydroxychloroquine update

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Just to let you know that I went to a local independent pharmacy in my town who used the phone number / PIP code given out by Paul the other day and they have secured 8 boxes of the Zentiva brand which were delivered the next day - no problem!

Shame on Boots - a large pharmacy chain who can no longer supply the specific brand I require as they only deal with Alliance distributers. What happened to the individual and the personal touch? They have gone down in my estimation.

Thanks to Paul for his time and effort in clarifying the situation for me.


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Boots is no longer Boots the UK High Street chemist we grew up with. It is now owned by a multi-national company. You may find these newspaper articles interesting.

In the first one you will find why Boots now only shops with Alliance for their drugs.

Nothing will induce me to cross their threshold. This summer we were in the UK shopping for OH's usual deo. Boots in Dunfermline is next to Superdrug - where all we wanted was available at about half the price or less it was in Boots. My husband hadn't believed me - until he saw the prices!

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Lupiknits in reply to PMRpro

I'm glad for you bestbuddy. Unfortunately Boots is going down the drain ......

Glad you got sorted.

Hi Buddy,

I've just stumbled on your Zentiva problem, which is interesting timing. I have just changed from Quinoric to Zentiva, and now worked out Zentiva is the one I can tolerate. I've been given one box of Zentiva from an emergency GP , but Boots are my regular pharmacy and I've asked them about just getting Zentiva brand. They didn't seem to think there was a problem ordering it in, however when I went in today to do a brand swop of Quinoric to Zentiva, I was told they were issued Quinoric, even though they requested Zentiva. They are going to call their supplier on Monday, but I am not holding out much hope, from what you've written, it seems boots simply won't get Zentiva?

However, Paul's comments indicate that there was a supply problem, now resolved, will that mean Boots will restock it again or is it all down to the minimul price difference?any idea?

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bestbuddy in reply to 25clai

Boots told me they can't get it as they only order from Alliance .... Apparently it's not an availability problem but a case of them not stocking it any longer. Try an independent pharmacy who are prepared to use a variety of suppliers or can order it for you. That's what I did this week and hope it won't be a problem in the future.


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25clai in reply to bestbuddy

Thanks, I will go down the independent route too. appreciate your feedback

I'm really glad to hear that you've managed to get your medication bestbuddy. I wasn't aware that Alliance are no longer supplying Zentiva. Is that what your pharmacist was told when they phoned up? If that is the case then I'll want to double-check so that I can make an announcement to everybody.

My local Boots told me they only use Alliance now and that Alliance do not stock Zentiva at all (hence the generic brand being sent 3 times when they requested it for me). You may need to check that this is an official nationwide policy by Boots themselves - or is it just an over zealous assistant on the Wirral being adamant .... but I suspect that it is.

I await the outcome of your enquiry Paul


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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to bestbuddy

Thanks bestbuddy, I'll make a few phone calls and see if I can get some reliable answers from people.

Hi Paul I went back to Boots with my prescription for my thyroxine. I explained that you were making enquiries about the hydroxychloroquine on behalf of Lupus UK as all the people who take it need to know The company's official stance. She back tracked somewhat and said that Boots are able to use other suppliers (that's not what she said the other day) and that though she tried 3 times, next month they might well be able to get it for me. Really? Is this satisfactory? I don't think so.


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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to bestbuddy

That is very strange and incredibly poor customer service. I didn't have a chance to make any calls yesterday, but I will hopefully find out the situation with Alliance before the end of the week.

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PMRpro in reply to Paul_Howard

If it's Boots - that equates to poor customer service! I've had awful experiences with their pharmacists in the past, not only me but the lady standing next to me being shouted at that she didn't have abc and needed to do xyz not take whatever - in front of the entire shop!

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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to bestbuddy

Hi bestbuddy,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you on this matter. I have now spoken with Sanofi and they have actually confirmed that Alliance do purchase Zentiva Hydroxychloroquine from them. What they did not know is if Alliance do not have it in their contract to supply Zentiva to Boots pharmacies.

If that is the case and Boots are supplied exclusively from Alliance due to a contract, then I'm afraid the best action available would be to switch to a different pharmacy (perhaps an independent or Lloyds).

thanks Paul. I am sorted for now at least!

I don't think u can tar all boots pharmacists with the same brush that's a bit unfair. Brands of meds go in and out of stock and sometimes they can't get certain brands and that often stems from the manufacturers.

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