Lupus and cosmetic facial fillers

Hello ,

I have been diagnosed with lupus and take hydroxychlorichine tablets daily , it's mild lupus so far ...I got Juvederma Voluma fillers in my cheeks 1 ml in total three weeks ago and since then have been feeling unwell . Heart palpitation , tired and fatigued more than usual and headache ...I wonder if any lupus friend here has had fillers injected and how they feel afterwards ... thanks


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9 Replies

  • Hello. Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. How long have you had lupus? And did you tell the person who did the fillers about your chronic illness? I have no personal experience but my instinct is for you to see your GP or contact your Rheumatology Nurse as soon as possible. Let us know how you get on. Wendy

  • Thanks Wendy , I have had lupus for 15 years cos I tested positive to all lupus tests ...i have been to my GP and they did blood tests and heart test and they came back fine ! But I know myself I'm not feeling well ..they will wait few weeks and repeat the tests again

  • Gosh you've had the bloods & heart checks in the 3 weeks since the fillers?

  • What do you mean ?

  • It sounds like since you've had your fillers, all your bloods are fine and your heart palpatations have been checked out too? Or have you not seen a doctors since these fillers?

  • Seen the doctor after the fillers, I go on routine blood tests ... seems settled now , apart from the heart palpitation. It's on going and couldn't sleep well last night..heart feels like racing and get panic attack as a result I don't know I'll keep an eye

  • OK. I'm with you now. Did the doctor say whether he thought that fillers were safe for people with lupus?

    I have never considered anything like it. I can't even dye my hair now. I have allergic reactions and lots of skin/scalp/scarring alopecia issues due to lupus and I am far too scared to dye my hair. I even had a reaction to somehting at the dentist a few weeks ago, so that worries me now too.

    I hope your heart palpitations go away soon and everything is Ok for you.

    Take care.

  • Thank you , I hope it settles down soon ...doctors at hospital are not up to date with cosmetic procedures and what's happening in that field so many times they don't know ..they have no idea what filler is ! Totally different world ...

  • I have had fillers...I just am finding out about my Lupus at age 62.....I do not remember feeling anything odd after my fillers...but something to consider

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