Increased positive ANA

Hi, I am very confused. I had an ANA test 3 months ago and results were positive 1:80, the doctor asked for lupus and raumathoid tests and it came negative. I repeated the ANA test after 3 months and the results were 1:160. I went to the rheumatologist with slight joints pain at few hands fingers but suggested to wait another 3 months and repeat the tests, she's thinking it might be indication of cutaneous lupus or it's nothing at all. I need your opinion pls

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Hi dinasamir

The trouble with ANA test is that it's not specific for lupus but indicates there's something wrong with your immune system!. Your Rheumy is right to be keeping an eye on your joints to see if they get worse as your getting symptoms. She may do an ultrasound of them to see if there's any damage or inflammation. Also you may develop other symptoms between now and three months appointment so keep a note as these illnesses can change. Hope that's helpful and good luck. X


Misty 14, thank you for your reply. It's definitely helpful and this is what I'm planning to do. To record my symptoms and see what'sgoing to happen in 3 months xx


Keep us posted dinasamir. X


Hi Dinasamir,

misty14 has given you some great advice. Keep track of any new symptoms that may develop and report them to your GP and consultant. Let us know how you get on when you go back to the rheumatologist.

If you need more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, you can request or download our free pack at

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I have a positive Ana which is both speckled and diffuse pattern but tests negative for both lupus and RA on the specific tests. There are others that clearly indicate we are on the right road apparently but my diagnosis was very much based on symptoms far more than the bloods - I kept a note of anything I was experiencing that simply didn't seem "normal". Some of these were ones that indicated lupus but not all were - as a whole the picture was very much indicative of lupus as I have the distinctive face rash among other things.

So yes keep a record of what is/has been going on and I'd say list it in an a4 sheet that you can give the doctor to help them - it'll also help you update as you go as sometimes small differences (good and bad) go unnoticed until you come to update it. And good luck in finding out what is going on


Thank you so much. I will definitely start to record anything i notice. The problem is that trying to monitor any symptoms is putting me under lots of emotional pressure, and it's really causing me to stress out :(


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