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Repeated ANA blood test result

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Hey 😊

My blood result has just come through the post. ANA is 1:1600 Googling it but getting confused πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ eeek help

Thanks in advance πŸ’œ

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It means that you have auto-antibodies. But, I don't think it means anything alone. You would need to look at the other antibody tests to see if those are positive as well.

Thank you Shaysuekirk

I have tested positive again for πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Anti DsDNA

Anti-cardiolipin antibodies

When do you see your dr again? Have they mentioned Lupus as a possibility before? The test results seem like they would be on that track, but I'm no dr. They will probably ask about all of your symptoms too, if they haven't already.

I'm not due to see my doctor for a little while, I was diagnosed with lupus recently, so I'm not sure if this means It's active as I'm not on any medication or treatment plan. I'm waiting to be referred to another Rheumatologist & im not sure when that will be. At the moment I'm suffering gastro issues so I have an appointment with a private doctor next week.

You can see from all my posts I'm still floating in mid air & yet to find my feet on solid ground. No professional has interpreted the results to me, I don't understand what or who or where to go next. I'm just left with what seems like a diagnosis but scared someone is gunna say actually I think it's something else...

Mine goes up and down and positive/negative. I haven't been able to truly draw any correlations to whether or not it's active.

Gastro issues suck. I still have a whole lot of that. I'm cutting out gluten and dairy and that seems to help.

The whole process seems like you are floating around reaching for help. I'm a million times better than I was last year, but I'm still hoping that I can get closer to who I was 4 years ago!!

There are a few diagnosis that it can be. But, the good news is that most of them have the same treatment plan.

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These are more specific antibodies for Lupus I believe.

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Hi there

Just to say the anti-cardiolipin antibodies which are positive, are one of 3

antibodies involved in Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome also known as Sticky

Blood or Hughes Syndrome. The others are Lupus anti coagulant & Anti-Beta

glycoprotein ( I think). Hope this is helpful.

I'm sure that when you see your doctor they will be able to give you some clearer answers. The tests you have had done are typically those that if positive can be indicative of SLE lupus. You might find these links useful in the meantime:

The anticardiolipin antibody can also often test positive in people who have lupus - this is one of the antiphospholipid antibodies and if you test positive then you can be more at risk of having a blood clot than people who don't have them - it can also make you more likely to have problems with miscarriage so it's very valuable to know about this as it can be treated.

(Just for info as we are all different and you do need to speak to your own doctor about your results, I am also positive for each of the antibodies that you test positive for. I assume that you have had these tests done because you are experiencing certain symptoms so hopefully you are getting nearer to finding some answers and subsequently effective treatment.)

Hey Sijoibear

Thank you so much for the links I will look it up.

I have had problems with high D-Dimer tests, blood clots, rapid heartbeat. I hope someone can explain to me what exactly is going on, as I'm sat here confused & a little upset because I haven't a clue of what I meant to do next.

Thank you for stopping by & for the links. Look forward to reading them x

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SjogiBear in reply to LauraMk30

I've just read a previous post of yours where you listed out your symptoms and together with your blood test results it does begin to give a clearer picture - certainly the anticardiolipin result ties in with your suspected blood clots and TIA and you should be being treated for this if you aren't already. Take a look at the website for APS/Hughes which many people with lupus also have - they also have a group here on HU if you've not already seen it?

I noticed that your previous ANA test came back as having a 'speckled pattern' - the different patterns can give an indication of the particular condition involved and in this case it is often seen in lupus - this excellent link explains the tests involved very well - it's an American site but they have excellent information about various autoimmune conditions, including lupus:

Are you already seeing a rheumatologist - I see you've mentioned a gastro specialist but it's rheumatology that deals with lupus and related conditions?

Sorry to deluge you with links - that's just me I'm afraid as I like to have concrete evidence for everything (it's the scientist coming out I'm afraid!)

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I think SjogiBear has said everything relevant and helpful. But just to add that, if I were in your shoes, I'd be rapping at my GP or rheumatolgist's door for diagnosis (which shouldn't be too hard with these blood results and your history) and to be given treatment options asap.

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LauraMk30 in reply to SjogiBear

Hey sjogibear

Thanks for reading my previous posts, glad to hear you can see a clear picture :) im trying to drag it all together into one so I can find some sense out it.

I was on blood thinners but was taken off a few months ago. Even tho my D.Dimer was 860 but they couldn't find the clot.

So I'm not on any treatment. I have been researching APS I was told back in February this year by a Rheumatologist that I could have tests for it but that never happened. I seem to fit most of the symptoms for APS. I also have cardio issues which seems to fit too.

I am not seeing a Rheumatologist yet. I was, Prior to being referred by my GP to Birmingham hospital in regards to investigations for Vasculitis

But now I'm back in the hands of my GP who is reluctant about referring me anywhere, & im waiting to find out when I can see one.

I've had a speckled pattern for 10 years. Back then the same GP said to leave it as it is for now. It's been on going ever since.

No by all means ask away, my brain is fried & i would like to piece together what is going on even though my doctors don't.


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SjogiBear in reply to LauraMk30

With your results Laura your GP should be referring you to rheumatology straight away. You might have to think whether you should be putting in a complaint to the practice manager if they don't. With a positive anticardiolipin result plus previous clotting events and TIA I would expect you to receive an APS diagnosis - you can ask the question in the ASP forum but I expect you would receive the same answer.

A positive anti-dsDNA result is usually fairly conclusive for lupus taken together with your other results - again as you realise you would need to have that confirmed by your specialist. Rheumatology at Birmingham has a pretty good reputation so if I were you, your next task would be to push strongly for a referral - you may need to be strong but with your blood results if they refuse they would have to show pretty strong grounds for doing so!

Hi I have 1.160 speckled ANA as well. Diagnosed with undifferentiated connective tissue disease. I have reynauds, sicca symptoms, lupus symptoms ie photosensitivity rashes etc. Rheumatologist calls it lupus as I have a malar rash and erythemus plaques. I also have centromere antibodies which are for scleroderma so a bit of a mixed bag. The ANA being positive is only a small part of the diagnosis and can fluctuate a lot. My mum was repeatedly negative and sent away then suddenly 1.640 positive hemogenous so now she has a diagnosis. DS DNA is usually positive in lupus but I'm negative for that. My daughter is positive ANA 1.80 speckled and has a lot of symptoms but they are reluctant to diagnose her until the ANA is higher but she is monitored at Alder Hey. It's just all part of the puzzle regarding pinning down your exact connective tissue disease diagnosis. The most important thing is that doctors are getting you the right diagnosis and hopefully treatment as soon as possible. Hydroxychloraquine has helped me a lot. Sending you big hugs! xxx

Aww thanks shaunalouise, I used to be at 1.80 titre with speckled pattern now I'm at 1.60 that was taken 2 months ago. & I got the results yesterday morning. I know this may seem selfish of me but if they were to see me on a weekly basis & take regular bloods I know there would be a massive difference. But because I used to see them every other 4 months & then wait again for how many testing just seemed impossible because not all my symptoms would show up on day.

Mixed connective tissue disease? Hmm I'll have to research that. I kinda feel like I'm not being taken seriously, yet I have all these blood results and I look bloody terrible I feel awful but I think if my head was rolling off only then would they try and piece me back together.

Your daughter bless her it's so difficult to get a diagnosis I feel for her. I am due to start hydroxychloroquine but when that will be I don't know :)

Thank you for taking the time to message me. I really appreciate it & all the advice & knowledge you put forward. My brain is being to adapt too everything medical lol ! I should take my degree ! Lol xx

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