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Biopsy appointment update


My biopsy was 2day but unfortunately they couldn't take any sample. Apparently i have very wobble breast so the lump tends to move so the nurses struggled to get it at the right point. I was in argony because when the machine clamps to the breast it is so tight that i didnt know how i would have stayed still for the samples to be taken. So after numerous trials, they ask the doctor who suggested they discuss it on their team meeting this thursday and call me after that meeting. So thats me for 2day, am on the waiting game. Take care and God bless


Ijeasike xxxx

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Oh no, how frustrating!!😖😖 The waiting game seems to be something we 'special people' have to live with doesn't it. Deep breath, count to ten, carry on!!!

Pity there's not an emoji for hugs and stuff that we need to send one another!!


I can feel the hug already without the emoji😊. Thanks alot xxx


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