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Update On Rhuemy Appointment From Yesterday.


Well it doesnt seem that great news its ok but still abit worried. I seem to have a small amount of protein leaking from the kidney again, although in th centre it comes up a slight leak but when its sent of to the lab its nothing. So im now being requested to have a urine sample every month to ensure thiers no underlying issues before i go into any stages of kidney diease, although im told they seem to functioning well. I have lost some weight again, such a suprise i thought i was putting it on with the steroids these days my appetite is at 0 and i cant be bothered to eat food makes me sick, instead il eat one thing during the day like some rice and that would be it for me. My haemoglobin level has gone done after being at a good level its not gone down. But worst of all was when they took blood, they had a struggle and i had the pain, there was nothing coming out they needed 6 tube things full to the brim almost and not a sausage was coming out properly. I had it done first in my right arm we got 2 out of it after tugging at it doing this and that to it they were finally full, then to the left arm where someone else had to take over he only got half of blood for one tube that arm gave up, Then they had to do it on my hand and it took 10 minutes just to get some blood into the remaining tubes after he twiddled it here and there, drip drop, drip, drop was all it was giving until finally it filled up, they said they had never had that problem before.

Unfortunatly this is a reoccuring thing when i take blood they cant find it anywhere it wasnt like this before lupus. Does anyone else have that problem? What could it be? this might be silly but is it because i have aps that my blood doesnt come out properly.

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Oh poor you! That sounds very painful. It's happened to me before, and I nearly passed out. I've been told that you need to drink a large glass of water to improve blood pressure before they can take blood easily, I that's what I intend to do next time!


Danielle2419 in reply to Maya23

Oh really its that simple to drink just water, my bp is in the normal range though does that make any difference

Metoyou you poor thing, yes I totally sympathise with you, I have to have bloods taken once a week and they have a terrible job with my veins collapsing, I have what often get referred to as "weeny veins" the nurse at my G.P.'s surgery does my bloods each week saves me going to hospital, she always recommends I have plenty to drink to make my blood less sticky. In the past we have resorted in trying both arms and both hands with no luck so they have gone for the painful spot.......... the top of the foot! OUCHIES!!!!

I hope that the issues with your kidney are solved soon, it does however seem that it is functioning well enough not to cause any panic so fingers crossed it will be fine for you. I

I certainly know where you are coming from with your apetite, I lost loads of weight last year and was really quite poorly - had absolutely no interest in food whatsoever but now with the flare having been more aggressive I have been given I.V. steroids as well as oral steroids and don't know about eating for England I could eat enough for the British Isles so am now having to try not to put any more weight on after looking like a bag of bones six months ago I have got my curves back.

Good luck, keep yourself well hydrated

Madmagz :-)

Hi I have the same problem but it has got better recently and as the phlebotamists get to know you hopefully you will mind someone the has the knack with you.

Just wanted to say if you are having trouble eating have you tried the envilen drinks from the chemist, you can get them on prescription. They are like thick mail shakes and come in different flavours. They are not too big but make sure you get your nutrients for the day

Hope this works x

Drink plenty of water before you have labs drawn. It should make the draw easier.

If you have no appetite, make smoothies. Take a cup of nonfat yogurt, 1/2 to 1 cup of fruit, sweetener (I use stevia), a dash of extract (vanilla, almond, whatever), and a little nonfat milk or almond milk and whirl in a blender. To help with the hemoglobin, toss in some fresh spinach leaves. You won't taste it, but you will get the benefits.

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