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Borrow My Dog - Update

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Blue was "borrowed" for the first time today. Result was one happy tired dog, and a happy borrower, who wants every chance she can get to take him again. It's a huge relief for me that he can now have such fun instead of my feeling guilty about the boring toddles around the block. He enjoyed all those new sniffs and was excited to meet a fellow greyhound. πŸ‘πŸ•

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:-) I think it is such a brilliant idea - all 3 of you benefit.


πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ€πŸ˜˜ coco


Fantastic - well done you LK!! Xx

Really pleased lupiknits, sounds great for everyone involved. I love greyhounds by the way, I have a senile rescue whippet,she is 15 and the sweetest creature

Yes rolybear, my Blue was a rescue. A bundle of bones because he'd been kept outside all winter and underfed. He's 10 now, but even vets are suprised because he looks, and acts, much younger. Of all the dogs I've had, he has the biggest heart. Not the brainiest, but very loving! It's an old joke, but I think he rescued me x

I always say my dogs are my antidepressants, I have 4 dogs,all different breeds,2 rescues and 2 from pups. my youngest dog is a rescue from Spain. He is the most loving dog I have ever had. borrow my doggy looks great, they aren't local to me as I would use something like that. I have had to find other things when I am just not able and thankfully I have a huge garden

PMRpro in reply to GlasgowHen

What is your youngest? My daughter has a rescue Podenco - loves her to bits.

GlasgowHen in reply to PMRpro

He is a real Heinz 57. I was told he was a Labrador cross..he is quite unusual looking,huge ears that bend in ways I didn't think possible, the skills of a mountain goat, long lanky legs, slim body with a very long thin tail, multi coloured with a black stripe down his back and amber I got him DNA tested, came back he is a boxer,German shepherd,American Staffordshire terrier cross. In the cross was St. Bernard,Doberman,vizsla,Shizu and Gordon Labrador to be found it seems! I adore the podencos,very much like whippets and grey hounds. I reckon my rescue has some sort of sight hound in him,he is a nightmare off lead if anything moves

What a dog! x Mine is a McDonald's wrapper hunter πŸ˜‚

So glad to hear all went well. Hope Blue has many more happy walkies in the future months to come :)

I've just joined n some have not got premium but would u still trust them ? There is a really lovely person not able to go premium as money and I understand but will have no insurance and etc but it's just like letting a dog walker have them but paying. What do u think. I am premium even if she not so does that mean he insured do u know ? I get all mixed with info Glad ur dog loves it I'm like u I can't go walk with dog sometimes n feel so awful cos he's always there for me. Trouble is he very stuck to me so hope he likes it. It will give him less worry about me

For myself, I wouldn't choose someone who isn't premium, and the site recommends that you don't. You may be premium, and so have the insurance in case of any accidents, but that insurance doesn't apply if the borrower isn't insured through premium. It's not worth the risk.

I can understand someone perhaps being unable to afford this, but, to me, it works out less than Β£1 a week. Anything can happen - even if I'm walking my own dog, and I certainly would not be happy to let anyone other than family to walk Blue.

He's been chosen by another couple now, so he needs his own social diary. I'm not sure where you live, but close to me there are dozens of potential premium borrowers. Hope this helps.

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