My lupus rash update

My lupus rash is so much better since my steroids were up to 30mg and 400mg of hydroxyquine now down to 15mg prednisolone plus 400mg hydroxyquine. But since then I've never felt so well, mentioned to doctor he said it was the boast of steroids. Wish I could have kept that dosage, but understand you can't,as on borderline for osteoporosis. 😊

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  • I had the same. Dramatic turn around on prednisolone and hydroxy. It makes you feel human again. I'm now on just hydroxy and I'm back working. I have my bad days but still it's an amazing turn around compared to last year. Hope this is the start of the same for you.

    All the best Dan

  • All the best to you to. 😊

  • Glad you are feeling well. I have been on 400 mg hydroxy more or less since diagnosis in Oct / Nov 2013. I have just started 20mg of steroids a day for two weeks and then tapering down over a further three weeks. I haven't had such a long course before (just two short sharp bursts before). So hoping this will make me feel good for the next few weeks. Will you stay on a lower dosage? Or taper off completely? How long did it take the the steroids to make you feel better?

  • Molly I'm only on 5 pref and its doing my bones in how long u been on that. Me 21/2 years

  • I've been on 5mg prednisolone for 30 years, I've been on a high doze for 5weeks now now down to 10 mg due to skin and bad flare up. Hope your alright, lupus is a struggle. X

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