The Joys of Summer

Well, I like to peer out and look. Yesterday I managed to walk the furthest in a long time around a lake and saw the various waterfowl and their babies. It wasn't sunny and I had my thermal jacket ready for the icy wind we get here. Fresh air and a pretty place. Today is suuny and warm, with just a bit of breeze. I took the dog out early, complete with hat and SP50 ( dog had collar and lead). Fine. Trying to work up on more walking, I've just come back after surprising my dog with a second walk. I came in and wondered why my feet felt like they were burning. Touched them to discover they are icy cold. Darn that Raynaud's! Up until then I've been rather happy about being able to shower and hairwash after so many months, without the usual fear of the cold.

Repeat after me "Don't think about winter, don't, just don't" ☀️🌻


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5 Replies

  • Hi LK - I had similar when temperature suddenly dipped from rainy but humid to overcast and windy. I went out for a dog walk followed by Pilates class optimistically - by the time I was home I was frozen to the marrow - which hubby said was inappropriate for such a small dip in temperature. I had to have a hot bath - toes and soles gleaming yellow white when I took socks off. After my bath I went to bed with all bedclothes piled on me and woke 3 hours later, thermostat re-booted thankfully! Now it's warm and windy and the sun is out. I am having a lie in and woke with neck and chest drenched in sweat despite few bedclothes and the window wide open! There's no pleasing some of us folk! X

  • Hahaha! I totally did this too yesterday. Went out for sushi with Dutchman's parental units, came back and was freezing, so cold my teeth were chattering and I had to grab my shawl. It was 24c outside. What the very actual?!

    I am going to enjoy this week's heatwave, demmit, whether my body wants to be confused or not! 😀

  • Glad you managed to get out and enjoy some nature, even if it came at a price. This heatwave is horrible for me, but the garden birds seem to like it. A Blackbird was sunbathing for ages in front of the window yesterday; eyes shut, beak open, proper sun-worshipping. Trouble is, I spend half my time shouting at the cat, as he has also noticed this too! x

  • whisperit, scardy dogs run away fast from cats, birds, flies. I can happily watch what's going on. The only thing scardy dog is interested is the MaccieDees wrappers the foxes bring in. Standard meal wrappers all week, and the super specials on Sundays. Foxes just love Saturday night drunks 😂

  • Some time outside also helps the vitamin D! Best wishes Kevin

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