Saliva Glands


I recently had saliva Gland stone few months ago that got badly infected had to go to A&E for antibiotics because my doctor didn't take me seriously ended up in horrible pain couldn't eat, but all better now finally got a scan on my glad it showed that stone is gone but I seem to have another one in different glad.

The doctor said this happens in some people and others it doesn't I asked I have lupus could that cause this? He said it doesn't think so

Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience with stones in their glands? Just find it all a bit strange lol, could it be due to my lupus being over active atm? I'm only on one medication atm while waiting on an appointment with my consultant.


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6 Replies

  • Could this be secondary Sjögren's perhaps? I haven't had any stones despite having primary Sjögren's - but the disease can definitely cause blocked salivary glands and is a common secondary disease to have with Lupus. Most general doctors should know this but many seem not to.

    I hope your rheumatologist can help anyway.

  • Hey, I did do a bit of research on that afterwards and it did sound like what I was experiencing, it could be because of that, I have mixed connective already I guess what's a other one added onto the list after all these years lol 🙄

    Strange it just happened all of a sudden could of had them for years and only noticed. I also read that Sjögerns cause teeth problems? My dentist never believed me that I do actually look after my teeth lol.

    Maybe when I actually finally get to see my doctor I can say this to her. Just wanted to see that other lupus patients had this issue.

  • It does sound likely as part of your MCTD then doesn't it? I know that people have all different combinations of CTDs but I think Sjögren's is pretty often in the mix. Yes it can cause teeth problems, eye problems and affect the entire body just as Lupus does.

    My mouth has been much dryer lately so I'll watch out for the stones. I googled this and it does sound very unpleasant and painful. How rubbish that the GP didn't believe you?! . I suck salivex pastels in daytime and XyleMelts at night. The latter are brilliant. Apparently lemon is very good for breaking up the stones - have you tried sipping some lemon in water or sucking salivex or lemon drops yet?

  • Hi jess , i have sjogrens . I had problems with swollen salivary glands for years , the dentist had put it down to me grinding my teeth but a new dentist picked up on the glands as i got a severe infection . I was eventually seen by a dental surgeon and had a scan which showed alot of damage i was also referred on to rheumatology and eventually diagnosed with sjogrens. The surgeon showed me how to massage the glands to reduce the swelling , so i do this most days and it has helped. Gargling with salt water can help with infection. I hope your inflammation settles now , this link may help if i can get it to show 😀

  • Yes, I had a problem with painful saliva glands. So bad, my rheumatologist and dentist had no idea what it was. I also learned how to massage them. Haven't had the problem lately but I remember how painful it was!

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