17th Driving lesson

Had a lesson this morning at half 9 . It was alright . I ended up hitting a kerb because I looked down to change gears . After that everything seemed to go wrong . It's because then I start to self doubt that I'm not cut out for driving .

He said I need to look at where I was when I first started compared to now . So I need to just forget the mistake and not let it phase me .


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7 Replies

  • Its nothing to worry about LouLamb .

    These are driving lessons so you will make mistakes sometimes and that's why your instructor is there to guide you and correct you for the future.If you were going to do it correctly every time then there would be no point in having lessons.

    Dont self doubt,move on and think of it as a lesson fee well spent.

    Roll on lesson 18.

    Take care.



  • Thank you x

  • Crusee's absolutely right. The whole thing took me many, many more lessons x

    BTW have you had today's hydroxy? x

  • Yes I remembered to take it tonight ! Thank you for the reminders it really helps x

  • Be positive! And try sitting in someone's car, not running and practice changing gears whole looking forward, it gives you the feel of the gear shift 👍 good luck

  • It'll soon be the eighteenth! Best wishes Kevin

  • On the 20th driving to work . Haven't got one this week think the break is needed after yesterday !!

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