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7th driving lesson

Had my lesson today 7:55 am (early 😴) .

I did emergency stop not what you expect first time . It was alright .

He said there it was good driving with some little bits of mistakes . Not always putting the clutch in.

I messed up a right turn . I stopped to early then when to far forward when turning . It seemed to just put me off at the end .

Next lesson booked Thursday 6:30 am . Very early . Just going over the manoeuvres . It will be quite at that time .

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Wow you are an early bird arent you? But as you say it's quieter then.

Well done LouLamb ,stick with it.It will reap its rewards in the end.

Take care.




You are doing really well. It's hard when you don't get practice in between. I was lucky that my mum had a car and when we went anywhere, she made me drive. About 5 weeks in, she made me reverse park our long peugeot estate car into a space at Tesco, with queues of people waiting for me to finish to get past me. I hated her for it at the time, but she always said if you can't reverse your car you shouldn't be on the road! Harsh but true. You are going great guns for a 7th lesson. Keep it up. We all have bad days. x

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That what the instructor said to me if I get practice in during the week . I would be fine . Even if I drove 3 times a week . Shame I haven't got anyone


Stick with it , it will be worth it in the end 😀

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Brilliant. Well done. Best wishes Kevin

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