8th Driving Lesson

Driving instructor texted the other day to change lesson from 6:30 am to 10am. A better time for me. I haven't been waking up till gone 9 :) .

My problem is that i do not think far in advance. I also find it all a bit thingy when you have to do multiple things at once. When i'm turning and need to change gear. On a roundabout i need to indicate to come off whilst trying to steer around.

Hopefully that will improve as i learn. Booked in for next Friday after work and the following Wednesday after work.

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  • 6.30 in the morning! What time is that for a driving lesson?

  • He said that time because I was only practising manoeuvres . So there wouldn't be anyone out and about

  • My husband is a driving instructor he's still walking the dog at that time of a morning. But good for you keep up the good work. X

  • Luckily he cancelled than lesson because someone had a test . I never would have gotten up at that time 😂. Got to start getting back up at 6 on Tuesday

  • That's a very early start! I'm usually just getting out of bed. But if it suits you. You are doing well. It's a lot to take on board learning to drive and with lupus too. Keep up the good work. Sometimes a long driving lesson is a good thing, because you settle into it and your confidence grows. Good luck! x

  • The hour lesson are enough for me . All the concentrating and learning hurts my head

  • I can get that. I learnt in Pembrokeshire so the roads are quieter too - especially 25 years ago! And I didn't have lupus then. Oh my goodness, can't believe that I have been driving that long. It's so worth you doing it though. xx

  • I was worried about my arthritis and learning to drive . So far I haven't had any problems with the joints affecting it . I think that's why the hour is best . I think 2 hours would be to long sitting down without being able to change position

  • My aunt Invited me and my mum over for dinner tomorrow . She said that I can drive her car home 👍🏼. She lives in the same area . So not a bad little distance for first non dual control drive

  • Brilliant. Always get extra practice if you get a chance. Enjoy your Easter Sunday dinner. 🥚🐣🐥🥚🐣🐥

  • I was surprised she said . I mentioned it to her a few weeks ago . Out of the blue she rang me up said have you got L plates . You can drive the car home . She said she'll be brave lol

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