22nd Driving Lesson

Got picked up from work . This lesson went much better for me than last one . Only few mistakes .

I mentioned to him about the 3 week no driving lesson then the test . He said change it , as he thought it was later in August . I need more time as I still do a lot of asking . I personally did not feel confident for an August test anyway .

I have changed it to end of September now

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  • Hi LouLamb

    You are doing well lou .I get the impression that confidence is your stumbling block and you need to overcome this.If you do not feel comfortable doing your test in the next few weeks then so be it ,leave it a little while longer .But you may surprise yourself and be better than you think.Your instructor is the best person to give you guidance on this.He/she will know when you are ready to take the test.You dont want to waste money on a test and fail but you also dont want to keep pouring money into further lessons if they are not needed.

    There is nothing wrong with asking a lot of questions, remember you are still learning so any knowledge you gain during your lessons is only going to help you.

    You are doing very well Lou,you try hard,never give up ,and put all youve got into what you do and you deserve to do well.

    Take guidance from your instructor,and I wish you the very best of luck for your test.

    Take care.



  • He did say to me change it .

    I think confidence is my biggest problem as you said . I am slowly working on it . I think the whole driving thing is slowly starting to fall into place. I am understanding thing things his saying now .

  • Well done Lou,I am sure you will overcome the confidence 'thing ' soon.

    Keep on trucking !!



  • Well done Lou. Postponing the test, as your instructor suggested, is a good idea,

    Confession time: when I look my test The instructor remarked something along the lines that he had never seen such a cautious driver. I think he meant terrified! We had to pull over for five minutes for me to weep. I wiped my eyes, blew my nose and we continued, then I passed!

    As I say over and over, you are doing so much better than I did x

  • Thank you ! I think because I am an over thinker anyway (been working on not being one ) it will take me some time to feel confident and comfortable. Until I get to the stage where I feel able to take a test I don't think there is no point in taking one .

    I am in no rush to pass . I don't mind the buses actually . It's just being able to have that bit of independence if I want it !

  • It's worth getting the first test under your belt, it may be the only one with a pass. Go for September. Best wishes Kevin

  • You're right. There's no rush. My near nervous breakdown during the test was lack of confidence and overthinking. But, hey, I passed! x

  • My driving instructor now says let it go when I make a mistake . He knows I over thinker and then mess up . By him saying that I slowly let it go and carry on

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