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Muscle twitching/spasms

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Morning all,

So today's random symptom is a very noticeable and slightly debilitating muscle spasm in my left forearm. I've had it in my thighs before and quite often get it in my eye lids, but never my forearm.

I've not done anything particularly strenuous over the weekend - in fact it was a bit of a non-event because I was feeling exhausted and quite low (most unusual for me) - so it's not like I've overdone things.

I'm not especially 'worried' about it, it's just annoying!

Thanks for listening πŸ’

6 Replies
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Hi Nurseladybird

I get them in my eyelid and also in my leg - in the calf area. Possibly a vitamin deficiency??

My eye appears to be affected more in the warmer weather, sometimes on waking and if I rub it! I thought it was part of the good old 'aging' process for me😬 Optician said it is caused by having very dry eyes. Mentioned Sjogrens. Prescribed Hycosan eye drops for 'the bad days'

It would be good to know if other members experience spasms/twitches too!

I agree - it is very annoying.

Do hope it subsided sooner, rather than later! πŸ‘πŸ»X

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Hi nurseladybird, Sometimes muscle twitching or spasm can be caused by magnesium deficiency. I would talk to your doctor about it because it can be an easy fix of adding magnesium supplements or foods high in magnesium. Take care Xo

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Nurseladybird in reply to nanleighh

Thanks Nanleighh,

I'm already taking 700mg slow release magnesium a day, due to a problem with my BP, and apparently my magnesium levels are now 'good' (as is my BP) πŸ‘πŸ»

Today the twitching has moved up my arm towards my elbow....... and I feel utterly exhausted and my eyes are blurry. Don't you just love autoimmune disorders!?! πŸ™„

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nanleighh in reply to Nurseladybird

So sorry to hear that Mgso4 hasn't helped the twitching. I hope you get to the bottom of it. That can be very annoying. Xo Nan

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Just a thought Nurseladybird x

Apologies if you have already had access to similar information.


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Hi nurse ladybird

Sorry about the painful muscle spasms. Do you take Amitriptyline at night?. This is a relaxant so could help. Just a thought. X

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