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Muscle twitching

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Hi all! Does anyone have issues with muscle twitching? It's one of my symptoms and it wakes me up at night. I started taking magnesium to see if it helps. My eyes stopped twitching but still present everywhere else. I was just wondering. If anyone does have it what do you do for it?

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My legs and arms are terrible for twitching and jumping. Mainly at night but sometimes when I am trying just to relax during the day. If you have any joy with the magnesium let me know I will try anything.

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Hi tissue, I twitch aswell, they are Myoclonic jerks and I take Clonazapam which helps to calm them down and helps with sleep too. It was getting so bad I was waking my partner up.xx

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I have this with lupus,

I take ' Mersyndol calmative' during the day and need Valium if I need to be out socially. It's embarrassing.

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Mag Ox - 400 mg. Over the counter.

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tsizzle in reply to tennissenior

Is this different from regular magnesium?

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There are 2 kinds of magnesium - there's magnesium chloride, which doesn't do anything for muscle spasms, and there's magnesium oxide, which does. I had been taking mag 64, which was no helping. Mag Ox is 400 mg. It's good for a number of things - but check with your doctor before taking it. Only one pharmacy had it and they held it for me. Good luck!

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Hi All, I have been having lupus symptoms since 2011 and was only recently diagnosed after years of every type of test you can think of. I won't even mention the numerous medications my doctors tried (they relieved some of the symptoms) but only for short periods of time. I remember have the twitching really bad about a year ago and one "natural doctor" recommended magnesium (500mg daily). The twitching got less so it may have worked but with the amount of medicine I was taking its hard to tell.

Good luck,

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Hello tsizzle, Yes, I get twitchy eye. It feels to me like I must be winking like a complete lunatic, but when I check in the mirror it's just a minor twitch. Worse when I am stressed. I also get what I call restless legs in the evening and sometimes full blown cramps during the night. I will give the magnesium a try I think.

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My muscles twitch and "flick" loads, especially when I am tired. It comes and it goes.

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As I am waking up in the morning, I feel a twitching in my left shoulder, moving the whole arm. It freaked me out at first as back last February, I had 2 seizures. It also freaked me out as I had a shuddering kind of thing going on when my salt dropped too low. It is now a definite twitching starting from the shoulder.

The other thing I get in the morning are cramps in the backs of my legs. This is the kind of thing you get in water, exercising or swimming. I usually massage it out. I have also heard that it is related to low magnesium and the remedy is to drink a glass of water.

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Yes my daughter had muscle twitching legs arms back face the doctors didn't think it was connected but it has gone since she's gone into remission!! She change her diet completely drinking lots of green juices and eating organic food only and no dairy!

It may have helped she thinks it has!

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I have this involuntary twitching mostly when im trying to rest .Had EEG on for 5 days activity was picked up .Have been told its Myoclonic Activity .I have all Lupus symptom but bloods are not showing it up .Ive not got diognosic Lupus but been told all my symptoms are Lupus and on Hydrocloquin 400MG daily .To me its a diognosic ?

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My twitching was only during the night

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