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It's been a long day.

I've been up since 5:45 am, I left the house at 7:15 am, manoeuvred through the morning traffic and arrived at the office at 7:50 am. The car park had 4 cars and it was already 20 degrees. I spent the first hour of the morning dealing with c..p, then in to a 2 hour meeting, then another 3 hours of dealing with c..p, and eating my lunch while working, then in for another 2 hour meeting. Then back to my desk for the next 4 hours sorting out more c..p. I eventually left work at 7:15 pm. By my calculations that's a 12 hour day. It was then 25 degrees and my car was the only one left on the site, except for the security guard's.

It's my third week back at work following 9 weeks of being off with my first huge flare up. I know I'm not doing myself any favours. What's even worse is OH has recommended that I work mornings only until I'm back into the swing of things. Well working mornings only has yet to happen.

It's now 9:30 pm, I've been home for the last 90 minutes, I've showered, had my meds, with the addition of very strong pain killers and I'm in bed in absolute agony. Fingers crossed I fall asleep soon, as I have to be up early to face another day of working full steam.

I am suppose to have another 20 years of work left in me. I'm not sure where I'll get the energy and stamina. I was hoping for retirement on a sunny tropical island, somewhere in the Pacific. Here's to wishful thinking.

Sleep well all ๐Ÿ˜ด and apologies for my French.


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  • You let it out gal it dose u good to vent helps me eanyhow

  • Hi Nicole

    Every praise to you for going back to work but if you don't adjust your hours you could well get another flare!. Could you speak to a line manager about OH's recommendations that you should only be working mornings?. Good luck. X

  • Getting back to work is admirable, but days like this are not (for anybody). Can you see HR about OH's recommendations? Seems to me that this might be disability discrimination, and not following OH's recommendations does your employer no favours if you are off work again.

    Meanwhile a hug from me.

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