Hello - so good to know I'm not alone!

Hello everyone, I'm new having just discovered this very site just half an hour ago.

I'm a 49 year old teacher, diagnosed with Mixed connective tissue disease more than 7 years ago.

It was so reassuring to read your posts about dealing with fatigue and the pressures of life and work- something I can really identify with!

I'm looking forward to learning more and maybe even contributing- if I feel brave enough!

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  • Hi, until last year when I discovered this site I felt like there was seemingly no one else on the planet with this awful disease. The hospitals and GPs don't help you to understand it very much either. And it's only sites like this that you get an idea about what you're up against. However, knowing there's others like me, and not too far away, is a comfort.

    What comorbidities do you have?

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  • Welcome to the site I don't contribute an awfull lot but I read the posts regularly and pick up advice and tips , it gives me reassurance knowing I am not alone in this xx

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  • Welcome! This is a great site and I'm sure you'll learn new things and enjoy reading the posts. I know I have. I haven't started any posts in this topic but I have elsewhere. I'm sure if you or I did start a new post, we would receive lots of good, helpful responses and support. There's a great bunch of people here.

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  • Welcome. I haven't been a member for long but I have found this site very informative and supportive. It helps to know that others have the same symptoms and going through the same as you. And what you are feeling is real and not all in the mind!!!!

    Bev x

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  • Welcome great site .even if you want to have a moan .everyone is friendly & understand what you are going through x

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  • Hi Ellie's, I was diagnosed in 2001, I find it has morphed into RA, IPF, lupus and more...am now one month away from 79 and going strong, oxygen 24/7, CPAP and more haven't slowed me down much. Take care of yourself, rest and take charge of your body w medical help. You are young and may be scared, but don't let that slow u down. 🙏💃👍

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