Prednisolone, coated v's non-coated

Hi everyone, just recently been diagnosed with Lupus and have been on Prednisolone for a few months, my pharmacist insisted I get a prescription for coated, but at the hospital they didn't have the coated. Just wondering if anyone has had any bad reactions to the non-coated or is it personal preference, I see some people take both sorts.

Hope everyone is feeling okay this morning


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  • Hello Leesy,

    I have a long standing tendency to gastritis and hydroxychloroquine is a stomach irritant too, so I always have gastro-resistant pred tablets. The uncoated variety do tend to upset my stomach. I feel that the fact that we have to take these meds for long periods is another reason to be cautious. x

  • Thanks for that, I don't really want another problem, I know I can get them from my chemist, so I will ask my doctor for another prescription.


  • As whisperit says - the main reason for enteric coated or gastroresistant pred is that it irritates the lining of the stomach far less. Taking it means you don't require "stomach protection" medication (as it is often termed) such as omeprazole or another PPI - and that removes another layer of potential side effects.

    All you have to do is ask your GP for a prescription specifying gastroresistant - many GPs will try to claim it is far more expensive - no it isn't: 30 ordinary tablets cost about £1.31, 30 gastroresistant tablets cost £1.86 and a PPI also costs about the same. Plus for every different dose and drug there is a dispensing fee of about £1.

  • Thanks, I don't understand why the hospital pharmacy doesn't stock the gastro resistant. Will get another prescription from my doctor.


  • Probably because they are generally supplying for patients on it for short term use where it is less important - it is those of us who are on it for months and months, even years, where it is more important. There was also a move to try to restrict its use on the NHS at a point where it was significantly more expensive. As soon as that happened the suppliers put up the price of ordinary pred so there was less difference!

  • Can anyone tell me about my face and chin swelling and do people actually come off steroids eventually and the swelling goes away? Thanks

  • Elena540, I think your post has gotten lost in this thread. You should repost your question, and explain do you think the swelling is from steroids or are the steroids to treat swelling? Please post again, I would like to hear answers. 🌹

  • I have had both. I think it depend s on what my pharmacist has in stock at the time. The non coated ones do taste disgusting if they melt slightly before swallowing them but there is no difference other than that. 😀

  • Thanks for your reply, will try and get the coated from my chemist as I know they can get them.


  • Hi, I have had both, I always ask for the coated ones as I find the others impossible to swallow, they just stick to the back of my mouth and they taste vile.

    Best wishes helen

  • Thanks, I will get them from my chemist, it is awful when you can't swallow tablets. Pmrpro has explained why the hospital only have the non-coated.


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