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Prednisolone Gastro-resistant tablets - victory


Finally GP prescribed them. She insisted that I bring the box issued by the hospital to the surgery, so I did and they were issued.

The battle has been won for today. I hope I wont have another one to fight to get them next month. I will cross that bridge when I get there.

Thanks everyone for your support and all the information you provided, it was a big help.

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YAYAYAY 🌈🕊👏👏👏👏🍀😘


What a plonker...

And you might have helped other people in the same bind, too, both in that surgery and here on the forum. So well done you! x

Remember to write down the prednisolone that's on the box for your next repeat prescription when you order in case the GP hasn't deleted the non coated one from the computer (the receptionist will print the prescription and will print what's written).

Don't forget to eat healthy so there will be less weight gain.



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