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Steroids and Indigestion???

Just a quickie - Dr's are starting to wean me off steriods - commenced weaning last Nov from 5mg 1 day then 4 the next and so on. The 16th January reduced to 4 x 1mg per day, now been a week and really suffering with indigestion. Seen my blood Dr and mentioned this this morning. On checking my steroid said that they were not coated to protect my stomach. Also said that I would have been better weaned at 5mg per one day followed by 2.5mg - both steroids come coated to protect the stomach.

contacted my chemist who advised that 1mg do not come coated.

Left message with my Rheum to query the above.

Question: If i go back on 5mg once per day followed by 2.5mg per day (after 1 week of taking 4mg per day) will this cause any problems? or as it is a small amount won't cause anything but reduce the pain and wind of constant indigestion?

Thanks, Lulabelle x

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You can just keep going as you are and take Omeprazole to protect the tummy. But your suggestion would be fine too, probably will slightly delay the recovery by a day or two, so you might feel the drop to 2.5mg a bit more. But check with your doctor, I'm not one.


I have always taken my steroids AFTER breakfast to avoid this. I did take omeprazole for a while, and then Lanzaprole - but these affect the action of mycophenolate - so I don't take them anymore.I've had no problems, but I can sympathise. It must be rotten.


What is the secret of being able to stop the omeprazole and yet not have a return of indigestion? Also, I did not know that this could affect the action of mycophenolate - my consultant nor my GP told me this.

Thanks Jude


I find the 1s cause cramps where the coated ones dont . Always take them after food.


Thanks everyone! I take my Lansoprozale 1 hr before I eat of a morning (30mg).

I then have my breakfast and when i am in work approx 10am i will have a healthy knack followed by my med's at 10.30am (this is my daily routine).

The Rhemu Nurse called back this morning as promised and advised that the Consultant is happy that I do the 5mg every other day and inbetween the 2.5mg. These have come gastro resistant, so fingers crossed this maybe better.

I queried with the nurse would this cause a detrimental affect to my health with changing the amount again after a week and she advised that it is such a small amount that I should not notice. Fingers crossed this is the case and the awful indigestion disappears.

i commence with the 5mg tomorrow! I will let you know how i get on.

Thanks, Lullabelle


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