Loss of smell

Does anyone attribute loss of the ability to smell some things? I have to breathe deeply to smell some things. And then some things, I dont smell. I smell all of the bad stuff, like chemicals on my husbands clothes when he works in a hardware store and is next to pool chemicals all day. I try to avoid toxic fumes.

Do I have something else going on like Parkinsons, Alzheimers or MS? Or does anyone with lupus notice this? I think I am going to really break down if I have anything else. I know my memory is bad.


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7 Replies

  • Have you changed any drugs lately? I went through a couple of weeks where I could smell smoke everywhere and i was really getting worried . The doctor changed the steroid inhaler i used and it went away , it was a side affect of previous inhaler ! I would check with gp as you may need an ENT referral or review of meds . I hope you get some answers , best wishes 🌸

  • Thanks weathervane....I am not on meds. Treating naturally. I guess I am getting Alzheimer's. Loss of smell is attributed to that disease. My mom died very young from ulcerative colitis and her liver failing. I was told stories that she lost her sense of smell because she was a chemistry major in college. The stupid stories my older sister and brothers made up. And my sister was in medical school. She keeps telling me all my problems are because i am getting older. Ugh! I give up.

    Thank you for responding. Since no ine else responded, i guess loss of some sense of smell is nothing to do with lupus.

  • I wouldn't rule it out , do discuss it with your doctor as there are many causes xx

  • Very interesting question. I have exactly the same thing. I can tell when dinner is cooked by the smell it gives off but I struggle to notice when my daughter has a dirty nappy! I sure hope it's not alzheimers...I'm only 32!!😫 I have no idea what it could be but the only thing that has gone thru my mind is that the dryness (I suspect I have sjogrens and my nose is always very dry) messes up with the... (what's the word for smell tastebuds🤔?)

  • I hadn't had this so far.

    I know it's associated with early Parkinson's but it can also be triggered by other causes like head injury, sinusitis/rhinitis, allergy response.

  • I have always had a very good sense of smell but that seems to have changed over the past couple of years. Some smells I don't notice at all and others that my family comment on as strong are just a vague whiff to me. With all the problems I've had in the past year with surgery and my current gastro issues, I've not really thought much about not being able to smell properly. I have just put it down to dryness.

  • Maybe that is it granny. Dryness. I know I have dry eye, and my eyes get bloodshot. Maybe the nose is part of it.

    I get scared because i am dizzy a lot. My brain isnt always working so great. My mom loss her sense of smell, but she died before inflammatory diseases were recognized. Or maybe her dr should have retired. He sent her home with intestinal problems in the 70s. Put her on iron pills because she probably showed up anemic. She died from ulcerative colitis, going septic and her liver failed (3 weeks in hospital).

    I think drs shouldnt rely on blood work only. And not just look at the organs just through a Sonogram. Why cant they look at function?

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