Emotional Wreck!

Does anyone else lose all control of their emotion's when your starting a flare or in a flare? I cry unable to control myself, to the point where I'm sobbing. I feel like a demented mad woman & have no idea why it gets this bad. 2 wks ago I had a steroid injection & the difference is unbelievable. It's like my old self has come bk. I'm dreading it wearing of & going bk to the weeping mess I was. My question is, does lupus make anyone else really emotional?

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  • Hi, I used to think I was alone in this, but I guess not. I do that a lot and each time I can't stop crying for no reason! It gets so bad that at times I have to stay in the house to avoid seeing people. As for me I know Lupus does that especially when am going to have a flare up! Don't be alarmed, you not alone and remember Lupus can throw you anything at any time! Take care X

  • Thanx for replying, its so frustrating when it happens. I use to be a "strong woman" so these episode's really mess with my head. Especially, as you say, you can't explain why your sat sobbing. I recently had an oph referral from work & sobbed the whole way through! My sle & Sjogrens was by passed because of this. I've spoken to my line manager & luckly am been reassessed again. Lupus sure does make life difficult at times. Wishing you a good day :-)

  • I can cry for England. All it takes is a fluffy puppy or a nice comment.

  • Yes! That happens to me when a flare kicks off and, like you, I find myself really agitated and crying for no reason while the logical self looks on and wonders what got into me.

    But once you recognise it, just let it flow. At least you know what causes it and that once you recover it will go away.

  • So it seems it's a lupus flare sign & not me going mad lol. Thanx for your replies, its helped me understand why this happens. Don't like it, but its a sign for me to take it abit easier on myself. x

  • I've noticed that I get aggravated really easy, and yell a lot, and I don't even know why. Sometimes I cry for No reason too. But the anger is the worst because I don't even know why I'm angry.

  • Me too feeling just like that at this very moment and I am stuck in work staring at a computer screen hoping no one will notice! Last rhumy appt I couldnt stop crying and all the consultant said was whats wrong,? Is here something happening at home? and handed me a mental health questionnaire which I completed. she then turn around to me and said well you are only boarder line,don't worry, take these antidepressants and it will be ok !!!! I was fuming and even more upset. So no you are definitely not on your own but yes I can vouch that you feel like you are. Its a really rubbish condition, that is soo hard for others (unless you have it) can understand. I often wish I had some physical deformity, at least that would be visible and easier, I guess, to understand. Apologies feeling ranty. Hugs to everyone, chocolate is usually a good idea ;-) xxx

  • Aw, try not to get anyone convince you that you're depressed until you've resolved the flare. The mood changes dramatically when the flare is lifted.

    This stupid questionnaire that applies to otherwise healthy people doesn't take into account much of what we are going through - for example the question about are you constantly worrying. Yes, of course I constantly worry, I have a progressive chronic disease that can attack anything any moment but that doesn't mean I'm depressed, just alert to the symptoms.

    Honestly, there's such a long way for doctors to finally get what autoimmunity means in reality.

  • Totally agree with you Purpletop, that mental health form puts everyone in the same box & the questions don't cover peoples different disabilities & possibilities of why your sat crying.

    Having the steroid injection & improvement of having my personality bk made me question depression or not depression. The answer is; not depression & I shall be doing my best to explain to my gp, hopefully without tears ;-)

  • I also had to fill in the mental health assessment form & my gp also put me on anti depressants! I've made my mind up that now I've sorted in my head its a flare sign, to spk to my gp about coming of the anti depressants. They never made any difference to my "crying episodes" anyway.

    Can't you go home Bex 18? Sounds like you may need some rest. I'm currently absent from work, but remember days I wld sit at the computer & cldnt concentrate. The slightest thing wld set me of in floods of tears. It's so difficult to listen to your body & do what it telling you because employers don't always understand our conditions & needs. Takecare Bex 18 x

  • Thanks Smudge, feeling better for just getting down on here how I'm feeling. Employer is OK, would of helped if my boss had taken the time to read the Lupus advice for employers I gave her and not just stare at me sometimes! Just got to get my head down and keep going. Will take time off if it gets any worse, just fight with feeling a fraud as I guess comes with the territory. Nearly the week end :-) love, hugs to all, don't go on here much but so lovely to know the support is there and you are not on your own xx

  • Gave my employer same info sheet & guess what...they didn't read it either! That's why I'm of sick. I can't work under florescent lights so had a little office of my own. It was like a vampires cave...blinds closed & no lights on. But it suited my needs just fine, till got new manager who wants me in a communal office! Been in mid to chronic flare for nearly a year. Going to have my 3rd oph referral on Monday! It's a joke.

    Am ranting now lol.

    I find this site an enormous help, even if its just to rant. It can lift your day.

    Hope you've got relaxing wkend planned Bexs 18 x

  • Yes it happens to . I am very sensitive. I get angry easily i worry excersively about trivial things. Lupus ever bit of our life. I has refered to pychologist 2yrs ago it did help. I suggest you ask ur gp to refer you for psycho therapy.

  • Sorry about the grammatical errors. Yes it happens to me too . I am very sensitive. I get angry easily, i worry excersively about trivial things. Lupus affects every bit of our life. I was refered to pychologist 2yrs ago it did help. I suggest you ask ur gp to refer you for psycho therapy. I have a couple of people i call when my emotion are boiling up. I cry and they just listern i also have a sense of relife after sheading some tears. Take care.

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