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Weight loss

Hi just wondering if anyone else has my problem ..i am on mecquine tablets which have helped me greatly look tanned and have helped my aches and fatigue a little .but the draw back is weight loss .which some people may think is great but 5.9 tall and only 9 stone is not a good look .sorry to sound like a moaner .does anyone else have the same problem ..thanks for reading ..x

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Hi what is mecquine? I even googled it but no results for it at all, if you check the spelling, I am sure there are some of us that have been on the medication and might be able to suggest something. Until then, I would suggest the supplement drinks between meals :)


Sorry my spelling is rubbish .its mepacrine 100mg a day ..seeing rhumatologost today see what he says about the weight loss ..thankyou for your reply ...x


hi. i would love to tan and losevweight. do you mind me asking where u purchase these tablets please.

i hope you get sorred out with your problemx


These are prescribed by the dermologist .and very hars to get repeat off .its not nice the weight loss as i feel to thin ...the tam yes u look healthy but feel rotten ...


Hi thanks for that, well it seems that the tan will go away when you stop the medication, and amongst the side effects it lists, nausea, stomach upsets & nausea, so that could very well be the reason for the weight loss. This is one of the very very few meds that I have not been on, it seems that it is prescribed for skin conditions & my skin complaints have been treated with topical medications. In the meantime, I would suggest eating smaller amounts often throughout the day and topping up with supplement drinks, I drank Ensure when I was losing weight. Also if you are feeling nausous your doctor can prescribe anti-sickness meds that might also help. Take care & hope things will start to look brighter :) x

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Barb: Every time you experience a Lupus flare, your bosy is attacking itself and burns calories. I lost a lot of weight initially and I fight to stay at what I am now - 107 and a few ounces. I am 5 foot 3. I don't know the UK measurements -- what is 9 stone? It's difficult to look healthy with Lupus - especially when we are experiencing a flare, which makes it difficult to move.

Hang in there friend! Most women envy us! They wish they could stay thin!


Thankyou for a lovely resonse ..i am not on my own ..


Hi, I also have trouble gaining weight. since I was diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago I've struggled to put weight on. I'm 5 ft 2" and 103 pounds which I feel is far too skinny and my boobs are almost no existant! - not a great look when my oldest daughter (age14) is bigger than me!!! Really have to struggle to stay at the weight I am.

so reassuring to know I'm not the only one and I completely empathise with how youre feeling.

Take care xxx


Thankyou its horrible when you have to listen to people moaning on about how they struggle to lose weight and all the diets they are on ..we need a put on weight group ...xx


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