Odd smells?

Hi all , this may seem an odd question, does anyone else experience strange smells ? I keep smelling burning or smoke , it has been going on for a couple of days and it has happened to me before. Could it be due to dry nasal cavity? There are times when my sense of smell and sense of taste is very poor . is it a common problem with sjogrens because of oral and nasal dryness??

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  • Hi WV, I haven't had the sensation of a burning smell. My sense of smell has always been really good. a little too good sometimes but I do find myself getting stuff noses a lot more than I used to and I imagine it has something to do with the lack of moisture. does this happen everywhere you go?

  • Hi there! Hope you are keeping well today. This problem seems to come and go. I've been going round checking I haven't left the oven on! Its strange because there are other odours I can't smell at all 🙁

  • I worried if you had this problem always at home and if there could be something actually burning. If it's happening other places too then it's your nose for sure! Have you been sick with cold or sinus problems?

  • I have sinus problems on occasion, my nose is very dry at the moment maybe because the heat has been on more. No one else can smell its just me 😐

  • I agree it's worth talking to the Doc about.

  • It's called phantosmia


    It's probably worth mentioning it to your doctor as some smells are associated more with certain things that might need checking out.

  • I keep forgetting to mention its as it's not there all the time. I am ment to be with the rheumy before Christmas if its not cancelled again so will add it to list, though if it lasts into next week I will go to the GP.

  • I have googled a bit more and there appears to be a strong connection between smelling smoke and sinus issues/ hypothyroidism. I use a saline spray every day and a steroid spray for nose problems and my thyroid levels are under control. I will check this out ( if I remember!!!! ) 😀

  • Put it on your list!! I know - it is so difficult to remember any of these intermittent things isn't it!

  • Thanks , there are so many wee things that all add up and you only get a limited time with the doctor . It only seems like a minor problem but it can be a symptom of other things- im not going to google anymore!!!!

  • I only suffer from lupus and Raynaud's disease. My sense if smell is stronger. I've smelled that burned smell too. Certain smells make me very nauseous and severe lupus flare-ups. I also have strange food cravings

  • There definitely appears to be a link with this and autoimmune disorders.

  • Thats really weird I have had the exact same thing , looking around because I thought something was burning , I have always had sinus problems.

  • Thats good to know- did you ever ask the doctor about it?

  • No because until I have just read your post I didn't think of it as a medical problem I thought I was imagining it , I asked the dog if she could smell burn but she didn't respond ha ha x

  • Sometimes you think you're going crazy!!!! If I mention this to the doctor he might think the same thing. I wonder just how common this problem is??

  • I get this, too, and go looking around the house for the cause, but I am also a spiritualist and in the end I just feel I have been visited by a smoking spirit.

    I am not joking here, I am sure they visit because I have smelt perfumes, too, and I am convinced that is what it is. Nothing to be scared of.

    I am sure many of us are very sensitive beings and there is no reason why we should not be picking up on these energies any less than being sensitive to electricity or Wi-Fi energy.

  • Interesting thoughts! The idea doesnt scare me, my mum started to smoke again when she diagnosed with a brain tumour , I would like to think its my mums spirit 🙂

  • My guess is small fibre nerve stuff in a similar way to tinnitus in the ears. I get both.

  • I haven't got the hang of this small fibre nerve stuff, but i do have tinnitus as well. I will have to do a bit of studying

  • I'm very much the same. Don't really know the mechanics as such but just enough to know it can cause this kind of trouble.

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