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Sore tongue


My daughter is nearly 5 years old, since 8 months ago her tongue frequently started getting different symptoms... some times get ulcers, some times get strawberry tongue, but most of time it has very small Blisters and small white Spikes. It is very very painful.

We have had 4 blood tests already so far, everything is normal apart from ANA 1:320. The consultant gave her antibiotics firs then prednisolone, none of them was working, especially when she took prednisolone her symptom got worse, so we stopped it after 3 days.

The GP, Consultants, NHS, Private, we have tried absolutely everything, nobody seems has a answer for my little girl's tongue problem.

Have researched a lot recently, a lot people is talking about B12, but the GP says my daughter's B12 level is normal, should I give it a try anyway?

Please please help if anyone here has a idea or had a similar problem.

I am hoping some reply this message.

Thank you.

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I have a permanaently sore mouth and its not just my tongue along with a dry mouth. I got a referral to a Sjogren's specialist at the Royal London Dental Hospital (under Bart's Hospital). My Sjogren's was confirmed by an ultra sound scan and she suggested I try diluted Difflam - I have but it 'zings' my mouth and only seems to deaden the good parts. I have persevered with it but it hasn't really helped the soreness. She has prescribed a drug Polycarpine but this has unfortunate side effects and I may not be able to cope with it, however at present I can't even try it as it is out of stock!! I am not allowed to chew gum due to the state of my teeth.


Thank you Janetmauk, my wife took her to Dentist today and he is referring us to see a specialist, just have to try everything and anything.

Thank you for the reply.


Jane, may I ask who the specialist was at Barts that dealt with Sjogrens effect in the mouth? And how did you find them? It's always worth knowing for future reference!


I find that Vit D plus B12 helps keep this at bay. Speak to Doc about child dose of Vit d - we all need it and she could be low on this. Also live yoghurt just a spoonful or two - not the sweet stuff - proper live yoghurt - Greek ones are good. Good luck


Thank you very much Cas70.

Definitely going to ask doctor about Vitamin D and try the yoghurt trick.

Thank you for the info.

All the best


I spelt the drug incorrectly it is Pilocarpine. I hope the specialist can help.


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